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"I mean, this is crazy. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in Central City, and out of everyone you could have picked to rob, you pick me."
Barry Allen[src]

An unnamed man is a mugger from Central City with considerable bad luck of targeting and being apprehended by meta-human vigilantes.


The mugger after being undressed and disarmed by Barry Allen.

One morning in late 2014, the armed mugger approached Barry Allen and brought him into an alley at gunpoint, demanding his wallet. Barry was very amused by the fact that of all people who could have been mugged, the man somehow managed to pick him. Confused and annoyed, the man threatened to shoot Barry at the count of three unless the latter complied with his demands. Unbeknownst to the mugger, Barry was a meta-human vigilante known as The Flash; the man was quickly apprehended, with Barry stripping him of his clothes and firearm before bringing a policeman to a scene.[1]

In late 2017, the mugger yet again took his chances trying to mug two men on the street at gunpoint. He somehow picked Barry yet again (seemingly not remembering it's what got him arrested last time), but this time the latter was accompanied by Ralph Dibny, another meta-human vigilante. While Ralph was consulting with Barry on what to do, the mugger shot the former twice, but the bullets ricocheted back into his leg and bottom. Barry then proceeded to bring the wounded mugger to Central City Hospital.[2]

The mugger is currently incarcerated at Iron Heights Prison.[3]



Whether the mugger's bad luck is just coincidence or a case similar to Becky Sharpe is not fully known, so the weaknesses section is speculation.
"I mean, if there was an Olympics for bad luck, you didn't just medal, pal. You Michael Phelps-ed."
Barry Allen[src]
  • Probability/Quantum field disturbance (possibly): Although it is unknown whether the mugger is just extremely unlucky as is or it is a result of numerous reality-warping events in Central City (S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosions, dark matter releases following Barry Allen entering and exiting Speed Force etc.) his extreme, precisely specific negative luck in criminal activities, including accidentally trying to rob the same meta-human vigilante might be a result of one of them and should be considered at least a quantum field disturbance.[1][2]



  • Smith & Wesson Model 19: The mugger intended to use this revolver to rob Barry Allen, but unbeknownst to him, Barry was a meta-human with superspeed, who quickly disarmed him The revolver was presumably given to the police officer who arrested the mugger.
  • Makarov PM: The mugger later tried his luck again with this gun when attempting to rob Barry and Ralph Dibny. He shot Dibny twice, with both bullets bouncing back into and harming him. Dibny took the gun afterwards.


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  • Considering a known case of a meta-human whose powers were affecting the quantum field, manipulating what is considered "luck", it's quite possible that the mugger's extreme and quite precise bad luck might be connected to assorted quantum field disturbances in Central City, such as S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosions and dark matter releases, which might be considered an unnatural "power" if not quite in meta-human sense, then more in league with magic.
  • He is similar to Sterling Brooks, another easily defeated low-level criminal whose appearances form a running gag in The Flash.