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"You guys stay here and try to figure out how to catch somebody we can't touch."
Joe West

"Untouchable" is the twelfth episode of the third season of The Flash, and the fifty-eighth episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2017.



Barry and Wally prepare for a training race (with H.R. betting high on Wally). Barry wins the race by phasing through building while Wally was forces to run over it.

Later, Barry Joe and Julian investigate a crime scene, in which CCPD has discovered a badly decayed body, but according to Joe, he died only 8 hours ago. Barry decides to take the corpse to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Julian can examine it. Barry and Joe meets Iris, and Joe suggests that the whole family meets Cecile's daughter, Joanie, at CC Jitters. Barry and Iris agree.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris notifies Barry, that what was discovered at the crime scene, is one of the news stories from the future. Barry wonders that they should tell Joe about the future, but Iris refuses.

Caitlin and Julian prepare for an examination of the victim, while Barry is going to teach Wally how to phase. Caitlin and Julian have it rather uneasy working together. When Caitlin uncovers the corpse, it's only a pile of dust. The decaying proceeds so quickly it's certain that Team Flash is dealing with a meta-human.

The following night, outside a club, Clive Yorkin approaches a musician, and touches him. His body starts to decay.

Wally's training isn't going so well, as he is unable to phase, and Barry's teaching is something he can't get. Barry leaves for the scene of crime, where Yorkin's latest victim was discovered. When Joe says his name, Barry recognizes, that in the Flashpoint, he was the police captain, and the earlier victim was also a police in Flashpoint, Barry speeds Julian and the corpse to S.T.A.R. Labs, in order for Julian to uncover something before it decays completely. As Barry speeds back, he suggests to Joe to postpone the meeting with Cecile, but Joe refuses.

Caitlin and Julian begin examine the second corpse, and things get tense between them. Despite this, Caitlin, manages to find the point of contact, and Julian extracts a DNA sample, which contains two different DNA. What horrifies Julian, however, is that the meta-human DNA in the sample is the same he discovered in all of the meta-human husks, which means that the meta-human is one of the meta-humans Julian created as Alchemy.

At CC Jitters, Wests and Hortons prepare for the meeting, and Joanie seems to have a crush on Kid Flash. The meeting soon turns on who thinks is the hero, Flash or Kid Flash. Barry receives a call from Caitlin and Julian, and inform him the meta-human is Clive Yorkin. At that precise moment, Yorkin busts into the shop, and it turns out he can turn everything in to dust simply by touching them. He is looking for Joe. Barry and Joe order everyone to escape, and in the confusion Wally gets his Kid Flash suit. Joe attempts to shoot Yorkin, but his bullets disintegrate as soon as they hit him. Barry instructs Wally to use vortexes and he manages to push Yorkin, but he escapes.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris can no longer hide the truth from Joe. She explains, how Barry got into the future after throwing the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force, and saw Savitar murder Iris. As expected, Joe is devastated and angry, that Iris didn't tell him. Joe leaves.

The following evening, Iris is writing an article about the Yorkin's attacks, when suddenly, Yorkin blasts his way into the apartment. Iris hits her panic button. Cisco intends to call Barry, but Wally goes on his own. Unfortunatley, he is unable to save Iris in time, as Yorkin managed to touch her slightly, enough that she starts to decay.

Wally brings Iris to S.T.A.R. Labs, but there doesn't seem to be way to cure her. Barry is angry at Wally for not calling him. Julian says they can slow the process by freezing Iris' arm and keeping it in certain temperature. But only Caitlin can do that, and she is afraid the effort will unleash Killer Frost. Iris encourages Caitlin to go ahead and she does. The process works, but now the team is on a clock to stop Yorkin. Wally takes his failure hard, but Barry tells him, he hasn't really been teaching him correctly.

H.R. figures that since Yorkin is targeting cops from Flashpoint, they maybe able to find out, if he has another targets. Cisco vibes on Barry, as she thinks of Flashpoint. Cisco learns that Joe, the victims, and a female cop, Laura Stone, arrested Yorkin in Flashpoint. Joe goes to see her.

Caitlin is starting to lose control and Iris' condition worsens. Killer Frost emerges and mocks Barry, but Julian steps in and manages to bring Caitlin back. Joe and Stone are seen on back on the train and Yorkin begins disintegrating the support beams the train is traveling under. Yorkin puts a pile of rubble on the train tracks as Joe sends out a distress signal. Barry and Wally show up and they realize that there's not enough time to move the rubble or get everyone off the train, Barry decides he must phase the entire train through the rubble. Barry hops on the train and completes the phase as Yorkin approaches Kid Flash.

Barry tells Wally that he needs to phase some of his own bloody into Yorkin and although he's never phases before, Wally completes the phasing process. Yorkin grabs Wally by his sleeve, but it does nothing as he is neutralize and arrested. Julian begins to leave STAR Labs telling them he intends to find the last husk metahuman wondering Central City while Caitlin follows and mentions that she believes there's really a good guy inside him that they'd like to see more. She then asks him out for a drink and he accepts.

Barry is seen installing a new door at his apartment with three extra locks and mentions to Iris that he just wants to make her feel safe and she tells him that she loves and trusts him.

The episode closes out as Wally is seen practicing phasing his arm through walls, then suddenly, a breach opens up and Jesse Quick speeds through. She tells Wally that Grodd has kidnapped her dad.



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