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"I've been gone and I'm sorry, sorry for what the city has had to endure in my absence. But you did endure it and the evidence of that struggle is lying at my feet. You did not fail this city and I promise I will not fail you by leaving it again."
The Arrow making his televised apology for leaving the city

"Uprising" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Arrow, and the fifty-eighth episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2015.



In the cabin, Oliver tries to leave without Tatsu but she doesn't approve. She tells him that he needs to heal. He tells her that she should come with him but she says she has no desire to return to the world. Oliver then leaves alone, despite being still injured.

A week had passed since the government had removes the police from the glades which is what the news have shown.

Arsenal approaches a man who is trying to get taxes from a bar. Laurel then joins to help him and they knock out the man. Felicity is in the foundry and is annoyed that the people are calling the police. She sends them to another place so Laurel knocks a window. Sin spots them and calls out Sara's name but Laurel doesn't respond.

Quentin calls Felicity and says he'll help off the books.

Thea and Malcolm are sparring with swords. Thea looks to have the upper hand but he wins as she won't kill him. Malcolm tells her that she needs to adapt to the danger that she will be facing. He says that he wasn't always a killer and how he had been frightened with his first kill.

21 years ago, Malcolm has returned home from work. He hears Tommy having a nightmare. He hugs his son and pulls a coin out of Tommy's ear, cheering him up. Malcolm puts Tommy back to bed. He hears the doorbell and rushes downstairs, thinking it is his wife. However, a pair of cops are outside, looking solemn. Malcolm learns (off-screen) that Rebecca has been murdered.

In the present, Quentin meets with Roy and tells him that he knows its him after giving him a file about Brick. Quentin asks after Sara and Roy lies. Felicity looks into Brick's M.O. when they came across the gun from Rebecca Merlyn. It is revealed that Malcolm had planted a camera on Felicity's computer and saw this.

Oliver is in the woods having issues when Tatsu meets up, having changed her mind. Luckily for him as he was having issues. Oliver tells Tatsu about Ra's Ah Ghul going after him and his sister if he learned that Oliver was alive. He asks for advice.

Malcolm is sharpening a sword when Thea shows up. Malcolm tells her that he killed the wrong man and that his wife's death was unavenged. She suggests going to Laurel or the police. He admits that he now has a chance to set it right as Thea isn't a killer and that he is.

In the past, Malcolm sits alone at the funeral. Oliver and Tommy stand behind them far off. Malcolm and a friend talk about the case and how there isn't enough evidence to convict. He then leaves a photograph of the man behind for Malcolm.

In the foundry, Felicity, Laurel, Roy, and Dig are talking about what they learned. Felicity freaks out about how the men were communicating as the cell towers had been taken down. Felicity learns that its via walkies and a location of where Brick and his crew were: the police station in the Glades.

At the station, Brick is annoyed with the men who hadn't killed Arsenal the night before. As Brick goes to kill his second man, the power is cut off so he stops. Laurel and Arsenal begin to take down Brick's men. Brick heads to the gun cabinet and grabs flares. He then begins shooting at them.

Felicity and Dig are worried when they lose contact with Laurel and Roy. Malcolm shows up and shoots at Brick. Afterwards, Malcolm is brought to the Foundry and they realize that they led him to Brick and he mentions teaming up to deal with Brick. Malcolm then leaves.

In Verdant, Thea has a mostly empty club. Roy approaches and they chat. Thea then admits to how Malcolm saved her during the siege and how he cares about people.

In the basement, Laurel thinks that they should team up with Malcolm for the sole purpose of going after Brick. Felicity isn't happy about this decision. Roy approaches them and tells them about Malcolm saving Thea during the siege. Felicity is upset and points out Oliver wouldn't agree. Roy argues that they need to make decisions without Oliver.

Dig steps outside and Malcolm approaches and Dig tells Malcolm that they told him no to teaming up.

In the past, Malcolm is spying on the man when he steps out of the club. He awkwardly talks to the guy and then he pulls a gun. Malcolm is beat up before he could shoot. The guy walks away and Malcolm shoots the gun, killing him.

In a world away, Tatsu and Oliver meet up with a car. She gives him his medicine and turns to leave. He asks her to come with him again. She refuses to see him die. They then hug with him getting on the truck.

Malcolm opens a cabinet and is approached by Thea. Malcolm is surprised when Thea approaches. However Malcolm said all that is left is a killer as the caring man died with his wife. Malcolm packs after cleaning up. His friend approaches him with money and figured out that Malcolm killed the guy. Tommy then entered and is upset when Malcolm tells him that he is leaving.

Laurel comes up with a plan as they need more numbers even without teaming up with Malcolm. She approaches Ted as Roy approaches Sin. She's happy to see him. She asks about Sara. Felicity, Dig, Roy, and Laurel are in the truck gearing up. Brick leaves the building and is shot at by Roy. Brick mentions how they are outnumbered. Sin then arrives with more and the people head to fight. Roy saves Wildcats from Brick and Laurel approaches him and unmasks him, saying he'll be fine.

Malcolm shows up and fights Brick in his Dark Archer gear.

Sin spots the Black Canary with Ted. An arrow shoots at the bad guy, and they realize Oliver is there.

Malcolm aims Brick's gun and mentions Rebecca, who Brick had killed to get into a gang. Malcolm punches him and Oliver shows up. Malcolm says that every choice since Rebecca died might've been different if he got Brick back then.

Quentin receives a call and he rushes off. Oliver has returned and talks to the people in town before flying off.

Quentin directs the police to get the men. Sin tells him that the Black Canary that he had been seeing isn't Sara.

Malcolm returns and finds Thea was waiting worried for him. He says that he didn't kill the man for him and because of himself. Oliver then returns and hugs Thea. He lies and says he had been in prison. He shakes hands with Malcolm. Malcolm says that before Rebecca died he had been a good father. He says that he wants redemption with Thea and expected a different outcome with Thea. Oliver asks Malcolm to train him to kill Ra's Ah Ghul.

In the past, Malcolm walks into Nanda Parbat and approaches a young Nyssa. She names him "the Magician".

Oliver heads to the foundry and Felicity hugs him. Oliver then shakes hands with Dig and Roy. Roy asks about the plan and Felicity is surprised when Oliver mentions working with Malcolm. She grows upset with that fact and goes for air. Oliver approaches her outside. He apologizes to her and tries to approach her but she steps back. She tells him that she hoped he would have a different perspective on their relationship when he returned. She tells him she doesn't want to be a woman he loves and walks away.


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Preparation began November 4 and ran until November 14. Shooting began November 14 and ran until November 25.[1]


  • Early on, one of Brick's thugs asks Arsenal, "You're that red streak I've been seeing on the news?" Arsenal responds, "Wrong city." This is a reference to The Flash who was given the nickname, "The Streak" before making a name for himself in Central City.
  • This is the first episode to show flashbacks from the perspective of Malcolm Merlyn.


  • Laurel misspeaks and says they are "grasping for straws." Felicity soon says the line correctly: "grasping at straws."
  • In a flashback when the cops reveal to Malcolm that his wife is dead, he's at home. However, in Season 1's "The Undertaking", Malcolm mentions to Robert Queen in a flashback that the cops showed up at his office to inform him of Rebecca's murder.