"Upswipz is a dating app, just like Tinder, except you swipe up-down instead of left-right."
"Which is far more intuitive, and Upswipz isn't a dating app, it's a holistic social networking platform."
Ray Palmer and Alan[src]

Upswipz is a "holistic social networking platform" developed in Silicon Valley. Ray Palmer worked for the company for some time, under his superior Alan, before rejoining the Legends.


Much like Tinder, Upswipz in its core is also a dating app, with a minor difference; Tinder users swipe left or right on other users' profiles, while Upswipz users swipe up or down.


Sometime after the Legends were disbanded by Rip Hunter in April 2017, Ray Palmer found a position and was hired at Upswipz to work at the Upswipz HQ in Silicon Valley. Six months later, Ray resigned in order to fix anachronisms with the Legends.

Nate Heywood used the app to match with a girl named Alana, whom he eventually met with. Sometime later, Ray Palmer created a fake account on Upswipz, with a picture courtesy of Gideon, and used it to distract everyone at a party in Aruba, allowing his team to capture a time-displaced Julius Caesar.[1]

While drinking in Wisconsin in 1870, Nate showed Ray the Upswipz profile of a woman named Cindy.[2]

Jackson Klimavich, despite being married, had a profile on Upswipz.[3]

In order for Ray to fix the Fire Totem, Damien Darhk and his daughter Nora Darhk took over Upswipz HQ. Damien created himself an Upswipz account, but was only able to find a match with numerous accounts of Carrie Cutter.[4]

Ava Sharpe created herself an Upswipz account after her breakup with Sara Lance.[5]

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