• I live in somewhere...
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Creating NANITES, COURTSEY OF RAY PALMER

Hey! I am Gifist8, I love bugs and death and also bloody flesh wounds.... Jk, Okay just read my profile and see how I am. Cause I already got my sense of humor over with...

About Me

I am huge fan of superheros. I love both marvel and DC but i like DC a little bit better (I say that anywhere else and I get murdered). I take a liking of watching shows on adult swim, my favorite is robot chicken

Favorite Arrowverse Heroes

Favorite Arrowverse Villiains

Favorite Quotes

"You Have Failed This City"

- Oliver Queen

"Run Barry Run"

- Henry Allen

"To me you've been dead for centuries"

- Eobard Thawne


And that is my profile you will see me as Gifist8 on YouTube and every once in a while on here I do a legends review but thanks for reading my user page and if you need to say anything just put it on my talk page.

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