Hello dear visitor, my name is Matheus, I'm Brazilian (I think you noticed for the bad english haha) and I am one of the multiple editors of this beloved wikia, the Arrowverse wikia. Make yourself comfortable and see what you want. Below will be my fictional biography that I invented. Thank you :)

Fictional Biography

Matheus da Silva Lima, more known as just Matheus Lima, is a meta-human and professional I.T. After his cells have being altered, he had become a superhero named Chupetinha, stylized as Pirokomon by the media.

Early life

Matheus was born in February 12, 1992. During his childhood, he had played PlayStation 2, primarly the game "God of War 2"

Gaining Powers and becoming Chupetinha

In August 29, 2009, his parents took him to McDonalds, where there he discover that the burguer he was eating was bad. This make him very angry at the moment and he took the Coca-Cola that he buyed with him. Arriving on his house, he eat Doritos and drink the Coca watching some movies on TV. Later on that night, the things that he had eat, altered his cells (due to the chemical things that Bucetmon added) and make him being a person capable of controlling eletricity. Seeing this result, he became a vigilante named Chupetinha, to bring hope to the people of his city. Between 2010-2018, he had make various villains, including Daniel Miojo/Ice Captain, Eduardo/Two-Pintos and his arch-enemy Enzo Melo/Bucetomon.

Various future events

  • In the future, Matheus will marry someone finally. He also will had two sons that will become heroes, Lucas Lopes/Gaypoper and Filipe Jonas/Sapo Rabudo.
  • In the future, his acts as Chupetinha will take effect on the timeline, being remembered as one of the important heroes by the future dictator of Earth during 22th century, Fernando Fialho Stalin.
  • In the 30th century of Earth-38, Mon-El, who somehow gained knowleadge about him, have Chupetinha became one of the inspirators alongside Kara Danvers/Supergirl to him create the Legion of Superheroes.
  • He will have a museum built in his honor, called "Chupetinha Cultural Museum".
  • In 2022, Chupetinha and Bucetomon will have their last fight in a battle that devastate his city, named the Ultimate Battle of 2022. In this battle, they both will travel back in time to 2009, the same time in which the tragedy happened in Matheus life. Inside the McDonalds, they fighted, with Matheus trying to stop Enzo in altering his past. However, Enzo was smart and surprised Matheus in trapping him on the wall and putting feces in the burguer and also a special chemical thing on the Coca to kill Matheus's younger self, making younger Matheus very angry tooking his Coca with him to later become Chupetinha. This action created a time loop on the history.

Fictional Powers

  • Meta-human physiology: After eating Doritos and drinking Coca-Cola, Matheus have altered his DNA cells, augmenting her physiology and make every person being hypnotized to his beautiful.
    • Electrokinesis: Primarly due to the unknown chemical that was on the Coca, he gained the ability to control and generate lightning.
      • Accelerated healing factor: Matheus's molecules move at accelerated rates, mending damage far quicker and more efficiently than normal humans. Without treatment, most damage heals in hours if not minutes with no lingering signs. He recovers from in seconds if not is immune to any illness or contaminant. This also enhances his vitality, drastically reducing his aging process while extending his health and longevity; in the year 2022, Matheus looked almost the same as when he first became Chupetinha.
      • Bodily vibration: Using his electrokinesis, Matheus can vibrate his body to various effects:
        • Intangibility: By vibrating his molecules at the frequency of air, Matheus can physically pass through solid matter.
      • Electricity absorption: Matheus can charge himself with electricity from nearby electrical sources, essentially draining them.
      • Electricity immunity: Matheus is completely immune against any electric weapons and attacks.
      • Eletricity generation: Matheus is able to generate energy in his body, allowing him to do a lot of things:
        • Electrical blasts: Matheus can create blasts and bolts of electrical energy and project them at his opponents. He can also throw them large distances, cause injuries and even hold his opponents in the air with using his electricity
        • Electrical shield: Matheus can construct a shield that can protect him and others from harm, such as mostly using this to block hails of bullets on several occasions.
        • Electric taser: Matheus can use his electricity to act as a taser from his hands, thus knocking his opponents unconscious.
        • Electro-telekinesis: Using his electricity, Matheus can manipulate the matter of objects with electricity or electromagnetism. He usually performs this feat by hurling or lifting his opponents into the air.
      • Time travel: He can travel through time with his electrokinesis: using them a lot will create a time portal through differents time periods across the timeline.
        • Time-clone creation: Time traveling back moments before his current self travels, Matheus will create a time-clone, who acts regardless of his current self.

Possible future powers

  • Inter-dimensional travel: Until 2022, Matheus will discover that he can use his eletricity to travel through the multiverse.
    • Dimensional travel: Using the same ability, future Matheus can travels through different points in the same universe.

Ficitional Abilities

  • Expert hand-to-hand combat: His level of combat currently is expert.
  • Expert knowleadge of his powers: His level of knowleadge of powers currently is expert, due to him not being aware of his fully powers.

Possible future abilities

  • Master hand-to-hand combat: In the future, Matheus will enter a gym and also will enter on clubs of fight, in which he will gain more knowleadge of how to fight.
  • Master knowleadge of his powers: Due to his time as a hero is longer, he have full knowleadge of his powers.
  • Veteran hero: According to Bucetomon and demonstrated by his 2022-self, Matheus will become a veteran hero, winning almost every battle he participates, excepting his battles with Bucetomon, who have the same abilities he has.

Fictional equipament

  • Chupetinha suit: Matheus uses a suit in his vigilante actions as Chupetinha. The suit is bulletproof and is also full of technologies, including displays that give him locations and maps.

Possible future suit

  • Chupetinha's armor: His 2022-self showed him his armor, made of different time periods tech to replace his suit.


  • No one mentioned in what Earth they lives. Sometimes they implied that is on Earth-12. What is confirmed is that is on the same multiverse the Arrowverse happens. His city name is also not mentioned by anyone.
    • This can be explained by the fact that the writter Matheus Lima of the universe that you, who are reading this, lives had smoked several times to make this article.
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