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"In the end, there was only one, a single black infinitude. Then, the infinitude found release and, finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life, with the Multiverse. Every existence multiplied by possibility and spread out before space and time in infinite measure. Civilizations rose and fell, and rose again across reality's grasping expanse. Life, a precious gift, persevering in the face of every obstacle. Until, finally, the Age of Heroes was born."
Oliver Queen on the new multiverse[src]

Hi everyone. I am NexusKilian I am a newcomer to editing wikis, but I'm trying to make my mark. I hope I can still edit a lot on this wiki since my love for the Arrowverse is boundless. Here's some information about myself.

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"Dying's the easy part. The dead are at peace, but the real heroes are the ones who have to keep going."
Oliver Queen to Barry Allen[src]
"Keep riding the lightning, son. I know you'll make us all proud."
Barry Allen's last words to his Earth-1 counterpart[src]
"Where is the future? Right here. And who's life is this? Mine. What are you gonna do with it? Live it. By any means necessary."
Jefferson Pierce to himself as he was containing the energy from the antimatter cannon[src]
"It doesn't take a hero to know what pure evil looks like."
Kate Kane to Alice[src]
"God, being yourself, that is a magic stronger than any wish. Being truly okay with myself, scars and all, is how the right people truly found me."
Nora Darhk[src]

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When we all watch the Arrowverse shows, the question a lot of people ask is "What is your favorite?" Hence why I decided to rank my favorite shows, on my profile, from 1 (favorite) through 6 (least favorite). I won't be ranking The Flash (CBS), Birds of Prey and Constantine, because I haven't watched these shows and can't form an opinion about them. And underneath I have also ranked the seasons from each show from favorite to least favorite.

  1. Arrow: Arrow deserves my number one spot since it's the show that started it all. Watching Arrow, I always had the feeling like I could identify with the character of Oliver Queen a lot. The loneliness and darkness he felt, was the same loneliness and darkness I've been experiencing throughout my life. Seeing how Oliver handled this with heroism and justice, actually made me want to be a better person. Arrow also had a great ending, fitting for the whole show, leaving possible cliffhangers to be continued on elsewhere.
    1. Season 2: Great storyline and villain, Deathstroke. Also, the first time we see Barry Allen.
    2. Season 1: Amazing way to start a whole universe. The beginning of the Arrowverse.
    3. Season 8: Great way to end Arrow with the Crisis storyline and returning characters throughout the season.
    4. Season 5: Incredible storyline and villain, Prometheus. Sometimes I thought it was too slow.
    5. Season 7: I don't really like Diaz as a villain, nor did I like Emiko as the main villain.
    6. Season 6: I hated Cayden James' storyline and Diaz isn't a great main villain in my opinion.
    7. Season 3: The League of Assassins storyline was really slow.
    8. Season 4: Damien Darhk was a bad villain in this season, he fitted DC's Legends of Tomorrow better.
  2. The Flash: Just like most people, I really like The Flash. The special effects and the way they created the storyline really fitted the characters and the actors have been doing a tremendous job at portraying these characters to be as realistic as possible. The Flash only has had a couple of issues in my opinion. These issues are mostly the problems with the main villains for the last two seasons (5 and 6) in which the main villains do pose a threat but could have been easily stopped earlier in the story, another issue is that as of season 3, The Flash started to rely on the Multiverse a lot, being able to bring back different versions of characters that have died or left. Losing the Multiverse in Crisis, gave me an empty feeling, looking for new versions of Harrison Wells and others.
    1. Season 1: Great way to start off a great show. Especially with a great rivalry between Thawne and Barry.
    2. Season 2: Incredible season, villain and introduction of the Multiverse.
    3. Season 4: One of the best villains, and the first non-speedster main villain, DeVoe.
    4. Season 5: I really liked the first Cicada. Sadly, Team Flash letting him get away too much ruined the story.
    5. Season 6: Don't really love the Black Hole storyline and felt like Bloodwork was a bit rushed.
    6. Season 3: Didn't really like Savitar as the main villain, but understood why they did it anyways.
  3. Batwoman: This is the opinion I might upset/confuse people with because it's not a popular opinion, but I really like Batwoman. Now I'm not stupid or blind, because I get it. I get why people don't like the show. The pace of Kate Kane's evolution and the story are both reasons I've been told to hate Batwoman for. But I can't. Not because I love the show on itself so much, but because what Batman means to me. Batman has always been (and shall probably always be) my absolute favorite superhero, causing me to instantly like anything that has to do with Batman. Now I know Batwoman isn't perfect, but what makes Batwoman such a good show for me is the little Batman references, mentioning Cobblepot, Riddler, Scarecrow, Victor Fries, The Joker... and the possibility of maybe one day seeing the Arrowverse Batman in his full glory. I also don't mind the Alice storyline, it's an easy/handy way to create the Batwoman Kate has to be.
    1. Season 1: It's (currently) the only season of Batwoman.
  4. Supergirl: Supergirl is a show that really falls in between for me. I don't hate Supergirl, in fact, I like it. But, whenever I watch Supergirl I get this lost feeling. A feeling of never really getting involved with all the characters. I probably feel this way because of the huge difference between this show and the others. I also don't have a lot of knowledge about the comic book lore from both Superman and Supergirl, which made it hard for me to realize which villains appeared. The only Superman or Supergirl villains I knew were Lex Luthor, Metallo, Reign, Zod, Brainiac, and Doomsday. On the other hand, I have learned a lot, from Supergirl, about the comics and mostly, about hope, because at some hard times in my life Supergirl got me through it, and the other Arrowverse shows as well of course.
    1. Season 3: I really enjoyed the Reign storyline and loved the return of Argo City.
    2. Season 4: I really liked both the Agent Liberty and the Elite storylines.
    3. Season 5: Confusing as to who the main villain is, first thought it was Rama Khan, then Gamemnae and now an unnamed woman.
    4. Season 1: Enjoyed the season, but it was a bit slow. Loved Barry Allen's cameo though.
    5. Season 2: Didn't really like the season, it went too slow and introduced the villains at the end of the season.
  5. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: I actually don't hate or dislike Legends as a show. The only major problem I have with Legends is that it doesn't feel like a DC Superhero show anymore, or at least, not like the other DC TV shows. It doesn't help that they weren't in the Elseworlds crossover and that the only Legends to play a bigger role in Crisis were Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, and Mick Rory. I feel like they should have included all the Legends in these crossovers more. The way Legends handles itself as a comedy is another problem I have with the show. It's not that I don't like this, or that I think they should change this, but to me, it doesn't feel like a superhero show anymore.
    1. Season 1: I really liked the Vandal Savage storyline, the start of the Legends was very good.
    2. Season 2: I enjoyed the Legion of Doom and a second chance for Reverse-Flash.
    3. Season 3: Mallus was a great villain, loved the finale with Jonah Hex and Helen of Troy.
    4. Season 4: I disliked Neron's storyline, the only thing I liked was Zari and Heyworld.
    5. Season 5: I don't like the new Zari or the way that John Constantine just goes to Astra Logue all the time.
  6. Black Lightning: To be added. I still have to watch seasons 2 and 3.
    1. Season
    2. Season
    3. Season

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