aka Ol, Freak from Earth 90

  • I live in Star City of Earth 90
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Vigilante on Earth 90
  • I am Male
My name is Oliver Jonas "Ol" Queen. I am a user of the Arrowverse Wiki, and am also an admin and bureaucrat on The Flash CBS Wiki. Anyways, I am a big fan of the DC Universe, especially the Arrowverse. Please feel free to contact me here or there when necessary!


I am calm when I am not mad.

Pages created:

  1. Arien Boey
  2. William Gates Sr.
  3. Bill Gates
  4. The Refuge
  5. Vixen suit (Amaya Jiwe)
  6. Stargirl suit
  7. Prometheus suit
  8. Wildcat suit
  9. Tatsu Yamashiro's suit
  10. Scimitar suit (created as 'Shooter suit')
  11. Susan Williams
  12. Channel 52 (Earth-2)
  13. Garwin Sanford
  14. Susan Brayden
  15. Toby Levins
  16. Lucia Walters
  17. Aiden Longworth
  18. Mitchell Kummen
  19. Komodo suit
  20. Alchemy outfit (created as 'Alchemy suit')
  21. Vigilante suit
  22. Dominators (Earth-38)
  23. Jay Garrick's mother
  24. John Swigert
  25. Bruno Moretti
  26. Barry Allen's suit (Earth-90)
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