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Heya! I'm Playsonic2, and I'm a Wiki Manager for the TV/Movies vertical at Fandom.

I'm available as a point of contact for communities either to provide assistance as needed or be a liaison with full-time Fandom Staff. I'm able to help with multiple aspects of wiki life, such as:

CSS, layout (background, wordmark), main page

Portable infoboxes, navboxes, notices

Discussions, Mobile Main Page

Abandoned communities, mergers

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can leave a message in my wall or talk page in the community where you need my help or in my Community Central message wall.

You can also reach me via Discord by sending me a direct message or pinging me in Fandom's Discord server - my tag is Playsonic2#0732.

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The following are my top lists of favourite characters and episodes within the Arrowverse. The top characters are updated considering recent events.

Top 10 characters

  1. Leonard Snart
  2. Martin Stein
  3. Cisco Ramon
  4. Mick Rory
  5. Iris West
  6. Barry Allen
  7. Joe West
  8. Ray Palmer
  9. Harrison Wells
  10. Roy Harper

Top 10 episodes

  1. "Out of Time"
  2. "Pilot"
  3. "Legends of Yesterday"
  4. "Fast Enough"
  5. "The Brave and the Bold"
  6. "Pilot"
  7. "Legends of Today"
  8. "The Reverse-Flash Returns"
  9. "The Man in the Yellow Suit"
  10. "Three Ghosts"


Deceased character from the Arrow flashforward
  • I strongly believe that the person who dies and appears buried on the Arrow flashforward from episode "Green Arrow" will be Lyla Michaels.
    • Most of the clues we had point us toward Felicity... however, I have the feeling that the producers intend to troll us, and I think that what seems most obvious isn't what will happen. If anything, I think that Felicity is the most safe character on the show right now.
    • We know that Oliver and Barry know the person and Oliver is particularly sad, but none of those facts necessarily mean that the person is that close to Oliver. Plus, Barry is way too close with Felicity (and even some of the others) to be late and simply go away (even with Zoom being the reason). They both know Lyla, though Barry barely knows her, I would understand if he was late.
    • This season, Lyla appeared on two episodes so far, one of them being the exact same episode with the grave scene. And on that episode, she didn't really do much, like on earlier episodes -- she only appeared in a conversation with Diggle, and then received Oliver at the door. The viewers remember that Lyla is still in the picture, thus making her a valid option as a victim.
      • Update - She also appeared on "Blood Debts", right when we saw the flashforward again.
    • Diggle, the closest person to Lyla, has personal reasons to be in war with HIVE and while we have yet to see what happens with his brother, I can see Diggle being the one to go after Darhk -- who might kill his wife because of it.
    • The only flaw in this theory: would Oliver really be that sad about Lyla? This could point us toward other options (mainly Thea, who may go after Darhk thinking she can beat him), but part of me thinks that Oliver would be that sad if he felt guilty about whatever happened.
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