"I think there's too many people in this city who only care about themselves. People who are selfish. I think they need someone who cares about the lives of other people. Someone like you."
Laurel Lance to the Hood[src]
"I understand that you're hurting... and I know what it's like to want someone... but not be able to be with them. How you wish things could be different, but they can't. I can't be with you. I can't be with anyone. I have to be alone."
—The Arrow to Cupid[src]

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Green Arrow Skills

"Well, since coming to this island, I've learned I can do a lot of things that I didn't think I could."
—Oliver Queen to Taiana Venediktov[src]

Oliver has been trained by Yao Fei Gulong, Slade Wilson, Shado, Maseo Yamashiro, Tatsu Yamashiro, Anatoly Knyazev, Talia al Ghul, Ra's al Ghul, Esrin Fortuna, and Jim Corrigan.

"You see how hard I work out."
—Oliver Queen to John Diggle[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: Oliver Queen is at the peak of human physical condition due to years of survival and intense physical training. According to Diggle, Oliver is an Olympic-level athlete,[1] and Lyla referred to him as a soldier.[2] Hence, he was able to overpower John (a former Special Forces soldier), Curtis (a bronze medal decathlete), Rene (a former Navy SEAL), and several members of the League of Assassins. Oliver can dislocate his thumb by applying pressure to the joint without breaking his hand because his ligaments have been stretched and conditioned in the art of escape by Anatoly Knyazev,[3][4] as he broke his hand before he met him.[5] He could also free dive after only an hour's instruction.[6]
    • Peak Human Strength: Oliver is very strong. He can climb a salmon ladder,[3] contend with and overpower other fully grown men with ease, as well as break their necks, which takes about 1,250 foot pounds of torque.[7] As an archer, he built arm strength by slapping water out of a bowl to draw a bow with a tension of 150 pounds.[8] Even before his training, he could carry his father[9] and break a bird's neck.[10] He can dislocate his thumb by applying pressure to the joint.[4] He can lift four cinderblocks,[11] and he was able to lift Felicity with one arm.[12] He broke a baston against the arm of a muk yan jong,[13] and later broke the arm itself.[14] Oliver has also fought against individuals with enhanced strength, such as people injected with Mirakuru, Damien Darhk and Ricardo Diaz. Iris said that Oliver's arms are twice the size of Barry's.[15] He can also break chains.[16] He lifted a grown man with one arm.[17]
    • Peak Human Durability: Oliver is immensely durable and sturdy by human standards. He remained conscious after being Tasered several times.[3] He survived getting punched by the Flash at super-speed.[15] He got up after getting hit by a car.[18]
    • Peak Human Speed: Oliver is more of a runner, of his own admission.[19] He is very fast on his feet, comparable to John, who was an all-state varsity track athlete.[20] He managed to strike the Flash in combat.[15] He intercepted a card before it could hit John,[20] tackled Constantine before he could be killed,[21] tackled a girl before a drone could shoot her,[6] and covered Laurel before she could be stung.[22] He also tackled Anatoly before he could get shot.[23]
    • Peak Human Stamina: Oliver has a tolerance for drugs, as John was impressed that he was standing after he nearly overdosed on Vertigo,[24] he injected himself with herbs before he could overdose again,[8] he resisted the suicidal urges from being injected with Red Death,[25] and he was only partially paralyzed by Mivacurium.[26] Oliver was the only one standing after Damien Darhk was choking him, Black Canary and Speedy.[27] Oliver can also hold his breath for two minutes and 25 seconds.[17]
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Oliver has great reflexes. He caught an arrow fired at him by Talia,[28] dodged arrows fired at him by Malcolm Merlyn,[29][30] and caught a flechette thrown at him by Roy.[14] He also deflected an arrow shot at him by Nyssa,[31] caught an arrow fired at him by Komodo, deflected arrows launched at him by Damien Darhk,[2] deflected cards thrown at him by Double Down,[20] sliced an arrow fired at him by Merlyn,[32] threw a flechette at an arrow fired by Talia,[33] threw a flechette at an arrow fired at him by Emiko, caught another,[34] caught an arrow fired at him by Thea, dodged a spear trap, and pulled Thea back from a fire trap.[35] According to Cisco, recurve bow arrows can travel up to 300 feet per second.[15] He fired an arrow at a grenade launched at him by the Mayor.[36] Adam Hoffman complimented his reflexes when he caught a bottle dropped by Felicity.[2]
    • Peak Human Senses: Oliver can sense the presence of his opponents even when they are not in his eyeline; Laurel said he has eyes in the back of his head after he caught her baston.[22] He heard someone on Laurel's fire escape.[9]
    • High Pain Tolerance: Oliver has a high threshold for pain after five years in hell. Kovar said he is so formidable because pain is not a new experience to him.[25] 20% of his body is covered in scar tissue,[3][37] due to getting shot by Yao Fei,[9] stabbed by Billy Wintergreen,[37] bitten by a shark, whipped by Conklin, and burned by Kovar. Amanda Waller was impressed when he was waterboarded for ten minutes because she knew Special Forces who could not last longer than three.[38] Oliver does not get cold because he spent the better part of five years on an island in the North China Sea.[39]
"There's a difference, Barry, between having powers and having precision."
—Oliver Queen to Barry Allen[src]

The Hood nocking an arrow

  • Bow Mastery: Oliver, as his codename implies, is a master archer, having been taught by Yao Fei[37] and Shado.[8][40] He is extremely accurate and precise with a bow and arrow, and Dominic Alonzo heard he never misses, which he confirmed. His superb aim allowed him to fire an arrow into Deadshot's eye, shoot a brick of Vertigo mid-air, hit a bullseye with an explosive arrow, shoot a grenade launched at him by the Mayor, and shoot an arrow down the barrel of a revolver. Oliver has killed many people with his bow and arrow, including Edward Fyers, Hideo Yamane, Leo Mueller, Justin Claybourne, Justin Whicker, Blake, Ted Gaynor, Webb, Savior, Count Vertigo, Dark Arrow, and Billy Malone. Under Oliver's tutelage, Roy became a skilled archer in his own right. He has been compared to Robin Hood on numerous occasions.
  • Master Marksman: Oliver is proficient with firearms; he shot and killed Anthony Ivo with a pistol.[41] In Hong Kong, he learned how to use a sniper rifle.[42] He was able to open his cell door by shooting the lock.[25] In Corto Maltese, he used a pistol to shoot down several members of the cartel.[43] He shot down Kovar's helicopter with a rifle.[33]
"Every fight, every punch you've thrown, every kick you've landed, every arrow you've fired, they have all led you here to this moment, to the ultimate fight."
—Jim Corrigan[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: Oliver is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist due to his years of training. His fighting styles[44] include archery, Eskrima, Kenjutsu, Wing Chun, Sombo, Systema, Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Capoeira, Professional Wrestling, Silat, and Muay Thai. Oliver has defeated Konstantin Kovar, Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, Ra's al Ghul, Damien Darhk, Adrian Chase, and Ricardo Diaz. He was also able to fight against China White and Bronze Tiger simultaneously.[14]
    • Staff Mastery: Oliver a master stick-fighter, having been trained by Slade Wilson in Eskrima. He taught John to anchor the rear hand, and to vary his acceleration; since fighters work in the same pace, he can switch it up to throw his opponent off his game.[45] He used Sara's staff to fight gangbangers and soldiers.[36] He defeated Laurel, Thea and John while training with sticks.[22]
    • Knife Mastery: Oliver is a master knife-wielder. He killed Kenny and Conklin by stabbing them with a knife. Oliver is also skilled in throwing knives, as he used an improperly weighted one to disarm China White[9] and another one to kill Baron Reiter. He can improvise arrows as knives, as he used one to kill Guillermo Barrera and Damien Darhk.
    • Sword Mastery: Oliver is a master swordsman. Slade taught him to keep his blade up and always stay behind his sword.[5] He killed Mr. Blank with a fire poker.[40] He dual-wielded two swords in his initial duel with Ra's al Ghul, and although he was defeated, the latter said he should be proud for surviving longer than most.[46] Tatsu taught him that he must think like Ra's al Ghul, be like him, and fight in the ways he does in order to defeat him.[47] Oliver and Thea trained with Malcolm in swordsmanship, but the latter told them to coordinate their attacks and fight in unison so their numbers do not become his advantage; he said they both had a long way to go, particularly him because he had spent years preparing to bring a bow and arrow to a sword fight.[48] He later defeated Ra's al Ghul in their second swordfight, killing him before the latter said he knew he chose well with him.[49] He also cut off Malcolm Merlyn's hand.[32] His sword of choice was identified as a scimitar.[50]
  • Master Acrobat: Oliver is a master of free-running and parkour.
"Do you have any idea how many people Oliver has killed with that bow and arrow?"
—John Diggle[src]
  • Master Assassin: Oliver has taken many lives for the good of others. When he was on a ruthless crusade for revenge against the people on his father’s list, he would kill not only his father’s enemies but also the numerous henchmen and gangsters that stood in his way. He also took out enemies on Lian Yu in cold blood, and also killed on behalf of Amanda Waller. Deadshot, a prolific killer himself, admired his work.[11] Oliver was also trained by the League of Assassins, and he has killed several of their former members, including Ra's al Ghul, Damien Darhk ("the most ruthless and efficient assassin the world has ever known"),[51] and Athena. Quentin described Oliver as "a killing machine" and "a cold blooded killer."[37] Similarly, Conklin said Oliver is a stone cold killer.[52] Amanda Waller said a man of his talents could be useful in hot spots across the globe.[53] In his first year as a vigilante, he killed 55 people.[54]
  • Stealth: Oliver is really good at losing people.[55] He also disguised himself as one of Fyers' men.[56][57][58][59]
"Whoever you fear, fear me more!"
—The Hood[src]
  • Intimidation: As the vigilante, Oliver commands an intimidating presence. His activities a chilling effect on Starling City's criminals to the point where crime was down for the first time in five years, as of December 2012.[29] He believed John when he lied about Scott Morgan trying to kill himself because he was afraid of getting a visit from the Hood.[45] Curtis said Oliver is a very scary man.[22]
"You're intelligent. Driven. And lonely."
—Isabel Rochev to Oliver Queen[src]
  • Gifted Intelligence: Oliver is a highly intelligent man. John has a very high regard for how perceptive he is,[11] and said he is one of the smartest men he has ever known.[46] Despite having dropped out of four Ivy League schools,[3][11][60][61][52] Oliver claims to be "a quick study,"[62] and he is a polymath, being familiar with physiology,[3][24][13][52][63][53] poison,[11] metals,[29][64][12] drugs,[24][8][65][66][15][62] literature,[58][19][22][67] meditation,[68] cooking,[2][16] nanotechnology,[69][70][6] mysticism,[2][67] mythology,[71] psychology,[62] and explosives.[72] Isabel Rochev, Reiter and Anatoly said Oliver is intelligent,[73][18][74] and Constantine said he is clever.[21] Oliver is also very good at playing craps.[23] Tatsu said he is perceptive.[64] He also knows how to start a fire.[56]
    • Master Tactician:

      Oliver making a plan

      Oliver has strategy and tactical awareness.[75] When he approaches a new environment, he cases every inch of it;[15] he circled around to make sure there was not a SWAT team waiting for him again.[76] In Hong Kong, he let one of China White's men get away because he put the GPS from the Alpha vial in his pocket to lead him and Maseo to Tatsu.[50] Oliver had a kryptonite arrow in case an evil version of Supergirl ever showed up.[77]
    • Master Investigator: Oliver is a highly skilled detective, being good at pulling down leads off evidence.[29] He investigated the assassinations of James Holder and Sara.
    • Master Interrogator:

      The Arrow interrogating Widgick

      Oliver has a talent for torture, according to Amanda Waller.[75] He learned about China White's plans by torturing Li Khuan Hui. Maseo Yamashiro said Oliver can be very persuasive.[46]
    • Master Deceiver: Oliver keeps secrets from people in his life by remembering it is the only way to keep them safe.[78] He plays an idiot very well,[23] and he managed to fool a polygraph.[37] He can also act stoned.[66]
    • Expert Engineer: Oliver got pretty good at aircraft maintenance from helping his father. He was able to make a radio work, despite it getting busted during a plane crash.[19] He took Scylla's circuit board because computers will not work without them.[59] Oliver also learned how to make a bomb, work with electronics, and weld metal from Anatoly, as Bratva members spend off hours learning many trades; Anatoly said he had to be like a sponge.[23]
    • Expert Hacker: Kara, an advanced and sophisticated alien, said Oliver really knows his way with a computer.[79] He returned all the money that Adam Hunt swindled out of people.[3][80] Felicity taught him a thing or two, which allowed him to gather information on Peter Yorke in Slabside Maximum Security Prison.[81] When Felicity thought she could exploit a flaw in the OS code of the Calculator's contact lens to open a backdoor to his main computer system, Oliver understood and said it would risk exposing them, which made her proud.[82]
    • Expert Businessman: Oliver is the former CEO of Queen Consolidated. Companywide revenue was at double digits since he and Isabel Rochev took over.[73]
    • Skilled Pilot: Oliver knows how to fly.[83]
    • Skilled Physician: Oliver can perform surgery on himself.[36]
    • Skilled Politician: Oliver is the former mayor of Star City. When he ran for mayor, his approval rating was up 10 points for his project to clean up the bay.[6] Thea was impressed with his debate preparation, and Felicity said nervous is not in his vocabulary. Oliver won the mayoral debate with Ruvé Adams, as declared by most pundits.[84] He was leading by 16 points even after he suspended his campaign and supported Adams.[27] According to the write-in results, 48% of the electorate wrote in Oliver's name on their ballots, which is a historic showing for a candidate who pulled out of the race.[85] His speech made Malcolm long for a voting booth, and inspired his team as well as the city.[53]
    • Multilingualism: Oliver speaks English, Mandarin, and Russian. Shado taught him Chinese.[86] A temporarily blinded member of the triad said he spoke with a perfect accent and believed he was definitely Chinese.[19] He recited Ra's al Ghul's farewell to him in Arabic.[49]
    • Eidetic Memory: Oliver has a good memory; he remembered the firing calculations he saw on Scylla's display,[24] and Akio said his memory is fine.[68] He also remembered most of Ra's al Ghul's farewell.[46][49]
"You always figure it out. You never stop fighting. You never give up. You always keep at it."
John Diggle to Oliver Queen[src]
  • Indomitable Will: Oliver is a determined man who never stops fighting and never gives up. Edward Fyers said he had resolve he did not credit him for after Billy Wintergreen tortured him and he would not give up Yao Fei, and the latter said he was stronger than he thought.[37] Laurel said he is a person who does not give up and he always finds a way.[87] Baron Reiter said he has fortitude[18] and never doubted his resiliency.[82] Felicity said he does not give up, which is what makes him a hero.[80] Damien Darhk was impressed when he broke his telekinetic hold.[85] Kovar said he is strong, like a piece of iron.[25]

Fighting Styles

  1. Archery
  2. Eskrima[9][45][58][13][40][86][21][84][22]
  3. Kenjutsu
  4. Wing Chun[88][61][78][89][22][85][12]
  5. Sombo[3][19][31][68][90]
  6. Systema[37][58]
  7. Judo[24][60]
  8. Taekwondo[40][76][91][89][85][34]
  9. Hapkido[24][92]
  10. Capoeira[3][78][69]
  11. Professional Wrestling[24][30]
  12. Silat[9][60][42]
  13. Muay Thai[60][91][42]


  1. Edward Fyers
  2. Anthony Ivo
  3. Adam Castwidth
  4. Jordan Kern
  5. Kenny
  6. Vlad Venediktov
  7. Conklin
  8. Baron Reiter
  9. Taiana Venediktov
  10. Pyotr Friedkin
  11. Misha Yurievich
  12. Hideo Yamane
  13. Ishmael Gregor
  14. Konstantin Kovar
  15. Drakon
  16. Leo Mueller
  17. Justin Claybourne
  18. Justin Whicker
  19. Monty Cora
  20. Gan Jaw-Long
  21. Blake
  22. Paul Knox
  23. Ted Gaynor
  24. Guillermo Barrera/Brutale
  25. Joseph Falk/Savior
  26. Webb
  27. Mr. Blank
  28. Cecil Adams/Count Vertigo
  29. Cyrus Gold/Acolyte
  30. Ra's al Ghul
  31. Slater
  32. Vandal Savage
  33. Damien Darhk
  34. Billy Malone
  35. Oliver Queen/Dark Arrow
  36. Athena


  1. English
  2. Mandarin[3][9][24][5][58][19][86][73][46][93][94]
  3. Russian [9][11][24][8][73][71][74][63][95][96][23][28][55][17][25][33]
  4. Arabic[49]


  • Colt M1911A1: Oliver jammed a pistol in Slade's face when the latter trained him on Lian Yu. He later disarmed a mercenary of his pistol, and used it to hold him at gunpoint.[58] He later disarmed Conklin of his pistol.[97] Oliver kept the same pistol in a stash on the island.[98]
  • Walter P38: Oliver used a pistol to shoot and kill Anthony Ivo.[41]
  • SIG-Sauer P226: Oliver used this pistol as his sidearm in Hong Kong.[48][99][100]
  • MP-446 Viking: Oliver took this pistol from one of Kovar's men.[101]
  • Beretta 92FS Inox: Oliver used this pistol in Russia.[102] He later used it as his sidearm.[103][104][25]
  • CZ 75: Oliver used this pistol in Russia.[105][55][25]
  • CZ P-07 Duty: Oliver disarmed Viktor of his pistol.[55]
  • Walther P99: Oliver disarmed a Bratva member of his pistol.[106]
  • Glock 17: Oliver used one of John's pistols to fire at mercenaries in Corto Maltese.[43]
  • FN SCAR-L: Oliver used a rifle on Lian Yu.[20][52][6][107]
  • AKMS: Oliver used a rifle to fire at Kovar's men and shoot down his helicopter.[33]
  • Colt M4A1: Oliver aimed a rifle at a Bertinelli gangster when he interrogated him.[108]
  • Nemesis Arms Vanquish: Oliver used a sniper rifle in Hong Kong.[42]

Dark Archer Kills

  1. Kendric Waller
  2. Josiah Hudson
  3. Adam Hunt
  4. Nelson Ravich
  5. Frank Chen
  6. Brion Markov
  7. Tommy Merlyn
  8. Ryan Doucette
  9. David Maclean
  10. Ken Rabehl
  11. Digger Harkness

Reverse-Flash Kills

  1. Nora Allen
  2. Tess Morgan
  3. Harrison Wells
  4. Simon Stagg
  5. Cisco Ramon
  6. Mason Bridge
  7. Trevor Shinick

List of Speedsters

  1. Accelerated Man/Flash-19
  2. Blitzkrieg
  3. Flash-1
  4. Flash-3
  5. Flash-3 Trainee
  6. Flash-12
  7. Flash-90
  8. Flash-D
  9. Flash (DCEU)
  10. Flash-N52
  11. Godspeed
  12. Jesse Quick
  13. Johnny Quick
  14. Kid Flash
  15. Kid Flash-90
  16. Liberty Belle
  17. Pollux
  18. Rival
  19. Reverse-Flash
  20. Tornado Twins
  21. Trajectory
  22. XS
  23. Zoom/Black Flash

Fear Illusions

"Oliver's not here. In fact... no one's coming to save you. You left me to die on Lian Yu. Unfortunately for you--heh heh--I didn't. Come on. You can do better than that. You're a killer, a depraved monster who found a way to channel his darkness and pat himself on the back for it! Your father took the coward's way out, and all these years, you told yourself it was brave, but he was a coward just like you. Selfish. Pathetic."
Dark Archer[src]
"No one's coming to save you. You should have killed me when you had the chance. You'll never beat me. Too slow, big heart. Mama raised you right, so right, you couldn't stop me from killing her. A failure. Slow. Pathetic."

Black Lightning Quotes

"Justice, like lightning
Should ever appear
To some men hope
And to other men fear."
Jennifer Pierce in The Resurrection
"Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars."
―Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Resurrection
"And I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."
―Fannie Lou Hamer in The Resurrection
"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."
―Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Book of Hope
"Unless all of us are free, none of us will be free."
―Unknown in The Book of Hope
"The one thing you can't take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me."
―Viktor Frankl in The Book of Green Light
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."
―Henry Ford in The Book of Redemption
"The future belongs to those who prepare it for today."
―Malcolm X in The Book of War
"I am unlike other men. The laws of convention and morality do not apply to me."
―Napoleon Bonaparte in The Book of War
"We all have a role to play in the struggle for the liberation of our people. Each and every one of us."
―Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Book of Consequences: Chapter One
"Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated."
―Coretta Scott King in The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four
"The first shall be last and the last shall be first."
―Unknown in The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three
"Those who can't remember their past are condemned to repeat it."
―George Santayana in The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four
"What's past is prologue."
―Shakespeare in The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four
"The past is always tense, but the future perfect."
―Zadie Smith in The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four
"Every moment happens twice: inside and out, and there's two different histories."
―Zadie Smith in The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four


  • The Book of Hope
  • The Book of Burial
  • The Book of Green Light
  • The Book of Thunder
  • The Book of Fate
  • The Book of Revelations
  • The Book of Little Black Lies
  • The Book of Redemption
  • The Book of Crucifixion
  • The Book of Pain
  • The Book of War
  • The Book of Consequences
  • The Book of Blood
  • The Book of Rebellion
  • The Book of Secrets
  • The Book of the Apocalypse
  • The Book of Occupation
  • The Book of Resistance
  • The Book of Markovia
  • The Book of War

Bruce Springsteen

  1. Darkness on the Edge of Town
  2. The Promise
  3. Streets of Fire
  4. This Is Your Sword
  5. Lost in the Flood
  6. Missing
  7. The Ties That Bind
  8. Living Proof
  9. Leap of Faith
  10. Livin' in The Future

Green Arrow Gallery


The Flash



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  104. Dangerous Liaisons
  105. The Sin-Eater
  106. Suicide Squad
  107. Lost in the Flood
  108. Spectre of the Gun
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