List of female super-villains


Green Arrow comics
  1. Chien Na Wei/China White (S:1,2,3,5,7 and 8)
  2. Isabel Rochev (S:2) Deceased
  3. Carrie Cutter/Cupid (S:3,4,5 and 7)
  4. Artemis (S:4 and 5)
  5. Emiko Queen and Shado (S:7 and 8) Reformed
  6. Red Dart (S:7)
Other comic book franchises
  1. Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress (S:1 and 2 Reformed
  2. Ravager (S:2) Deceased
  3. Amanda Waller (S:1,2,3 and 4) Deceased
  4. Nyssa al Ghul (Raatko) (S:2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8/LoT) Reformed
  5. Liza Warner (S:4 and 5)
  6. Rosie of The Demolition Team (S:4/Single Appearance)
  7. Evelyn Crawford/Starling (S:4 and 5)
  8. Talia al Ghul (S:5,7 and 8/LoT) Reformed
  9. Onyx Adams (S:6/Single Appearance)
  10. Honor Guest/Silencer (S:7)
  11. Nora Fries (S:7/Supergirl)
  12. Aviva Metula/Shadow Thief (S:7/Single Appearance)
Original creations
  1. Ruvé Adams (Darhk) (S:4) Deceased
  2. Athena (S:6 and 8)
  3. Beatrice (S:7/Single Appearance)

The Flash (CW)

The Flash comics
  1. Lisa Snart/Golden Glider (S:1 and 2/LoT)
  2. Shawna Baez/Peek-a-Boo (S:1,2,4 and 5)
  3. Eliza Harmon/Trajectory (S:2/Single Appearance) Deceased
  4. Frankie Kane/Magenta (S:3/Single Appearance) Reformed
  5. Amunet Black/Blacksmith (S:4 and 6)
  6. Zoey Clark/Prank (S:4/Single Appearance)
  7. Vanessa Jansen/Block (S:5/Single Appearance) Deceased
  8. Joss Jackam/Weather Witch (S:5/LoT)

Gender-bent characters

  1. Rosa Dillon/Top (S:3)
  2. Izzy Bowin/The Fiddler (S:4) Deceased
  3. Grace Gibbons/Cicada (S:5) Deceased
  4. Spencer Young/Spin (S:5/Single Appearance)
  5. Frida Novikov/Turtle II (S:6/Single Appearance)
  6. Eva McCulloch/Mirror Master II (S:6)
Other comic book franchises
  1. Bette Sans Souci/Plastique (S:1/Single Appearance) Deceased
  2. Queen of the Royal Flush Gang (S:1/Single Appearance)
  3. Queen Bee (S:1 and 5/Arrow)
  4. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost of Earth-1 (S:1,2,3,4,5 and 6/LoT/Arrow/Supergirl) Reformed and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost of Earth-2 (S:1 and 2) Deceased
  5. Dr. Light of Earth-2 (S:2/Single Appearance)
  6. Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Siren of Earth-2 Reformed and Dinah Laurel Lance/Siren-X of Earth-X (S:2 and 4/Arrow)
  7. Becky Sharpe/Hazard (S:4) Deceased
  8. Veronica Dale (S:4/Single Appearance)
  9. Kimiyo Hoshi/Dr. Light (S:6)

Gender-bent characters

  1. Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit (S:1 and 5/Arrow)
  2. Mina Chaytan/Black Bison (S:4) Deceased
  3. Janet Petty/Null (S:4) Deceased
  4. Raya Van Zandt/Silver Ghost (S:5/Single Appearance)
Original creations
  1. Marlize DeVoe/The Mechanic (S:4 and 5) Reformed
  2. Esperanza Garcia/Ultraviolet (S:6)
  3. Mirror-Iris (S:6) Deceased
  4. Millie Rawlins/Sunshine (S:6)


Supergirl comics
  1. Bizarro Supergirl (S:1/) Reformed
  2. Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee (S:1)
  3. Samantha Arias/Reign (S:3 and 5 Reformed & Deceased
  4. Gayle Marsh/Psi (S:3) Reformed
  5. Selena (S:3 and 5)
  6. Kara Zor-El/Overgirl (S:3/LoT/Arrow/The Flash/Freedom Fighters: The Ray) Deceased
  7. Linda Lee/Red Daughter (S:4) Deceased
Super Family comics
  1. Leslie Willis/Livewire (S:1, 2 and 3) Deceased
  2. Indigo/Brainiac 8 (S:1) Deceased
  3. Maxima (S:1/Single Appearance)
  4. Eve Teschmacher (S:2,3,4 and 5) Reformed
  5. Lena Luthor (S:2,3,4 and 5) Reformed
  6. Lillian Luthor (S:2,3,4 and 5)
  7. Yuda Kal (S:3)
  8. Mercy Graves (S:4) Deceased
  9. Pamela Ferrer/Menagerie (S:4)
  10. Andrea Rojas/Acrata (S:5) Reformed
  11. Midnight (S:5)
  12. Hope (S:5)

Gender-bent characters

  1. Jacqueline Nimball/Toywoman (S:3/Single Appearance)
Other comic book franchises
  1. Scorcher (S:2/Single Appearance)
  2. Veronica Sinclair/Roulette (S:2)
  3. Tormock (S:3/Single Appearance)
  4. Gamemnae/Gemma Cooper (S:5)
  5. Breathtaker (S:5)
  6. Sela (S:5)
Original creations
  1. Astra (S:1) Deceased
  2. Queen Rhea (S:2) Deceased
  3. Worldkillers
    1. Julia Freeman/Purity (S:3) Deceased
    2. Grace Parker/Pestilence and Blight (S:3) Deceased
  4. Children of Juru
    1. Vita (S:3 and 5)
    2. Ayala (S:3 and 5)
    3. Jindah Kol Rozz (S:3/Single Appearance) Deceased
    4. Felra (S:3/Single Appearance)
  5. Leviathan
    1. Margot Morrison (S:4 and 5) Deceased
    2. Caroline O'Connor (S:5) Deceased

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Other comic book franchises
  1. Valentina Vostok/Firestorm of the Soviet Union (S:1) Deceased
  2. Astra Logue (S:4 and 5) Reformed
Other fictional sources
  1. Tabitha/Fairy Godmother (S:4) Deceased
  2. Kathy Meyers (S:5/Single Appearance)
  3. Fates
    1. Lachesis (S:5)
    2. Atropos (S:5)
Adaptations of real-life characters
  1. Jeanie Hill (S:5/Single Appearance) Deceased
  2. Marie Antoinette (S:5) Deceased
  3. Bonnie Parker (S:5/Single Appearance) Deceased
Original creations
  1. Cassandra Savage (S:1/Single Appearance) Reformed
  2. The Pilgrim (S:1) Deceased
  3. Kuasa (S:3/Vixen) Reformed
  4. Nora Darhk (S:3,4 and 5/Arrow) Reformed

Black Lighting

Black Lighting comics
  1. Syonide (S:1 and 2) Deceased
  2. Jinn Pierce (S:3/Single Appearance)
Outsiders comics
  1. Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson/Lady Eve (S:1 and 3)
  2. Wendy Hernandez/Windfall (S:2) Reformed
  3. Helga Jace (S:1 and 2) Deceased
  4. Emily Briggs/Looker (S:2)
  5. Rebecca Jones/New Wave (S:2)
Other comic book franchises

Gender-bent characters

  1. Giselle Cutter/Cutter (S:2)
Original creations
  1. Kara Fowdy (S:1 and 2) Deceased
  2. Tori Whale (S:1) Deceased
  3. Sara Grey (S:3) Deceased
  4. Destiny (S:3)


Batwoman comics
  1. Beth Kane/Alice (S:1 and 2)
  2. Natalia Knight/Nocturna (S:1/Single Appearance)
  3. Safiyah Sohail (S:2)
Bat Family comics
  1. Margot Pye/Magpie (S:1)
  2. Duela Dent/The Joker's Daughter (S:1/Single Appearance)
Original creations
  1. Mabel Cartwright/Queen of Hearts (S:1/Single Appearance) Deceased

The Flash (CBS)

The Flash comics
  1. Zoey Clark/Prank (S:1/Single Appearance)
Original creations
  1. Celia Wayne (S:1/Single Appearance)
  2. Angel Zacharias (S:1/Single Appearance)
  3. Black Rose Gang
    1. Harley Lyndon (S:1/Single Appearance)
    2. Shauna Duke (S:1/Single Appearance)
    3. Janie Jones (S:1/Single Appearance)

Birds of Prey

Bat Family comics
  1. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn (S:1)
  2. Sandra Woosan/Lady Shiva (S:1/Single Appearance)


Other fictional sources
  1. Lamashtu (S:1/Single Appearance)
Original creations
  1. Imogen (S:1/Single Appearance) Deceased
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