My name is Tammar, I'm a fan of Arrow and DC Comics in general. You might see me editing around the wiki. I am 15 years old.

About me

My favorite things include:

  • DC Comics (My favorite character is Nightwing. My favorite show (ever) is Young Justice. I'm a fan of the comics, movies and shows. My favorite parts of DC are the Batman family, Teen Titans, and the Flash family, although I do read most other parts, these are just my favorites)
  • Marvel Comics (I'm a fan of its comics, shows, and movies. My favorite characters are Spider-Man, Captain America, and Cyclops. My favorite parts of Marvel are the Spider-Man parts and the X-Men parts.)
  • Ben 10 (I have been keeping up with this show since summer of 2006, so it's a big part of my childhood. I love the first three series, although I do somewhat dislike Omniverse. My favorite series order is AF > UA > OS > OV. My favorite alien is Diamondhead.)
  • Avatar (While I watched TLA when I was younger, I did not really get into it until recently, and I have been loving it since. My favorite characters are Zuko, Sokka, Momo, and Mako. I also enjoy Combustion Man and Jeong Jeong.)
  • The Walking Dead (I started out by watching the show, and then read all the comics. I generally really enjoy this and always keep up with it. My favorite character is Glenn. I also enjoy the Telltale video game.)
  • Scooby Doo (I have kept up with Scooby Doo since I was 1 year old, so it's a big part of my childhood and I still love it. My favorite character is Shaggy.)
  • Hannah-Barbera cartoons in general (Other than Scooby Doo, I enjoyed watching reruns of most of the old Hannah Barbera cartoons from the 70s-90s. They are a big part of my childhood.)
  • Cartoon cartoons (Shows like Ed Edd n Eddy, Foster Home, Kids Next Door, etc.)
  • Disney cartoons like American Dragon and Kim Possible
  • Total Drama (I enjoy watching this, my favorite characters are Geoff, Trent, Cody, Noah, Gwen, and Tyler.)
  • Generator Rex (Excellent show, Six is my favorite character.)
  • Star Wars (My favorite character is Han Solo.)
  • Attack on Titan (Levi is my favorite character.)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Pixar movies

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