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Ups&Downs of Crisis


  • Brandon Routh reprising the role as Superman
  • John Wesley Shipp as The Flash (I haven’t seen the 1990s flash but he had a stand out performance)
  • Lex Luthor’s appearance (Jon Cryer's performance was great. It made no sense for him to be there he was unhelpful every step of the way. I am excited for him to reappear in supergirl)
  • Cisco is vibe again
  • Ryan Choi seemed nice
  • Black Lightning‘s appearance
  • Beebo!
  • Nate & Ava commenting on crossovers
  • Mick Rory as Rebecca Silver
  • Sara Diggle (A genuinely heartwarming moment)
  • Ended with good set up for the future of the Arrowverse


  • Trying to cram every DC TV and movie property into the Arrowverse. Insisting that these properties were always part of the continuity weighed down the Arrowverse and the crossover properties. The writers need to learn the difference between loving homages and full universe tie-ins.
  • Pacing (The first 45 minutes of an episode were all filler/run around and all of the universe changing plot points were crammed into the last 5 minutes)
  • Destroying the multiverse with a Sky Beam
  • Killing off Bert Ward's Robin In the 1960s era Batman universe with a Sky Beam and with no fanfare (Just seemed disrespectful/gimmicky, It is always fun to see Burt Ward give a Holy ...)
  • Kevin Conroy’s Batman cameo (They took the best Batman and turned him into a mustache twirling villain and gave him a cartoon death)
  • Smallvile cameo (they tried to re-write 10 seasons of Smallvile with a five-minute cameo. Welling and Durance ‘s did a good job)
  • The Monitor (I like the actor and the character’s pre-crisis appearances but The Monitor seems incapable of planning a dinner party much less the defense of the whole of creation. All of his scheming and set up went nowhere)
  • Harbinger (Most of arrow season eight was spent building her up so she could do recon duty and teleporting. She is then easily taken over by Anti-Monitor and it happens mostly off-screen)
  • Heros are not very heroic, They just spent time feeling sorry for themselves while the multiverse collapses around them.
  • In Part One too much time was spent on supergirl character‘s season arks(I like Supergirl but the time should have been used establish what was going on with the crisis)
  • Wasting time killing Oliver in the beginning then trying to resurrect him only to fail. Then he became The Specter so he could get trapped in the speed force and be freed only to die fighting The Anti-Monitor (they found a way to both speed through it and drag it out. It lost all impact after a while. He has also mentioned that he was going to die every five minutes since the beginning of season 8. Were we supposed to be surprised he followed through)
  • Nitpick: In Part Four, the characters travel back in time even though (I believe it was established) that the past, present, and future of every universe were all destroyed (but to be fair it was a little unclear if the past was destroyed or not).
    • In Part Four they established that they needed Ryan Choi to get through to The Monitor's humanity which he successfully does. They then undo that development and say it was a waste of time. They could have solved the issue by showing that version of the monitor being happy with his family in the closing multi-verse montage.
  • you have failed this city/you have failed this universe is no I am Iron Man (soulless last words)
  • Killing everyone in the Multiverse but the paragons was a bad midway point cliffhanger. since we know all the shows are continuing we know that everyone is coming back soon. (It worked in avengers infinity war because they only killed off half their characters and left a team intact to get through most of the next movie on their own. Avengers Endgame also focused on the tragedy of the massive loss of life. characters in the Arrowverse only seem to miss people they are directly connected to. They should've aired the whole event in December the ending of crisis was a much better cliffhanger what will come next in the Arrowverse)
  • The concept of The Paragons (who are they, what are they, and what can they do. I get that they vaguely embody truths, love, humanity, etc. but that goes nowhere. In the end, all they did was stand by and watch as Oliver reset the universe)
  • Ezra Miller's Flash Cameo (it added nothing, was not funny, and was only there to kill time/be clever)
  • The Anti-Monitor was a bad villain (the most generic I want to destroy everything I’ve ever seen)
  • The Shadow Demons are the worst CGI villain Army ever (they were completely non-threatening and they seemed relatively unimportant to the Anti-Monitor’s plans, cheap dementor rip-offs)
  • The speed force segments in Part Four (a clip show-esque segment that spent more time worshiping Oliver Queen then telling the story. Crossover events are bad times for long drawn out flashbacks from one specific show)
  • The presidential address in Part Five (why is this character we have never seen before giving one of the big endings speeches. Since they rewrote the universe the president should’ve been someone we already knew. Think about how great it would be to have someone like Cat Grant as the president giving the speech)
  • Personal Hangup: the “Dying is the easy part” theme that is jammed into the story during the fourth episode seems generally disrespectful. (It’s haphazardly introduced and poorly elaborated on and it seems disrespectful to everyone who has laid down their lives fighting for a greater good. Stating that dead people are not heroes like the living it’s not only disrespectful but they are trying to establish Oliver as the greatest hero because of his death though it is also counterproductive. I am not against the theme and the idea that the dead are at peace but in general, it seems like something that they should’ve spent the four episodes developing instead of just jamming a major plot theme in the ninth inning. It also takes away from Oliver’s heroic sacrifice the end because it seems that he just can’t be bothered going on living in any longer.)
  • The Gleek cameo as the ending (an irrelevant and unfunny cameo that interrupts the tender moment the main cast members were having. Why is there an alien monkey just sitting in a cage in the Star labs Hall?)
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