Well, we knew it was coming, but it's still a stunner.

The Arrow is coming to an end.

For the last seven years, Stephen Amell has kept us entertained with his trick shots and gripping storyline. It seems only fair that the man who made the franchise goes out with a bang.

Oliver Queen made a deal with The Monitor, and it looks like the deal will lead to his end in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This will . . . confuse me.

Eobard Thawne told us that "Oliver Queen lived to be 80-something years old", and we saw a few alternate futures involving Oliver with a robotic arm.

THere are other questions, too.

Will Connor Hawke take up the mantle?

Will Oliver die or will he disappear?

Who else will die?

And, most of all, what will this mean for the Crisis of 2024?

Whatever happens, we know that Barry Allen and friends will keep the Multiverse in one piece . . .

Wait a second.

What if Oliver disappears in Barry's place?

Still. Whatever happens, there's always hope for the Multiverse because there's always light. It doesn't matter whether it's from Speed Force Lightning, Firestorm's hair, or Supergirls laser eyes, it will always be there.

And they'll make sure that Oliver Queen's legacy never dies out.