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  • Coopergang1

    Season 2 Villain?

    May 16, 2013 by Coopergang1

    With Malcolm Merlyn dead, who do you think will fill his role as the big bad in season 2? Here are some possibilities:

    • The Count
    • Deathstroke (Although I like him better as a hero)
    • Onomotopia
    • Deadshot
    • China White (What happened to her, anyway?)
    • A new character

    Less Likely:

    • Cupid
    • Brick
    • Rainbow Archer
    • Clock King
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  • Coopergang1

    To the right, you can see a greenish-yellowish Question mark spray painted on the wall. Could this be a hint to a future appearance? Or just a little reference, like the "Wonder Twins" remark?

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  • Coopergang1

    Due to his recent popularity from Injustice and Arrow, I think (or at least hope) that a Green Arrow video game will be published in the future. Here are my ideas for one.

    The overall gameplay will be similar to Batman: Arkham City, but with more emphasis ranged attacks. It will take place in Star City, based off of the comics. Similar to the Arkham franchise, it would be open world with stealth sections, and lots of hand to hand combat. Green Arrow will have a bow similar to the one in Injustice, with a dagger attached to it for more hand-to hand moves. The available arrows include:

    • Basic Arrow
    • Freeze Arrow (Similar to freeze blast from Arkham City)
    • Sonic Arrow (Lures Guards)
    • Triple Arrow (KO's guards quicker.)
    • Boxing Glove Arrow (RC, instant K…

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  • Coopergang1

     Hey guys, Coop here. From the looks of the promo, it looks like we are finally going to see Roy Harper and Ollie team-up. Also, it looks like the Hood will save Tommy and Laurel from a group of evildoers, and Laurel might find out his secret identity. And finally, Deadshot looks like he is going to return, and this might possibly be the final showdown, judging from the suspense buildup in last night's episode. What do you guys think?

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