In the Powers and abilities section, we're used to putting [[List of powers|Power name]] when we list the powers of a character, yet you have to find that specific information on that page, scrolling and scrolling until your eyes get dizzy looking for it, but NO MORE!

With the {{Lopid}} template (as to why it is named that, it is explained in the documentation), you can link to the specific power, as the template targets that specific section. Just put List of powers#Flight (read below for update) and it will take you directly to the information on the power of flight. This also applies to the List of alien powers and List of magical powers pages.

For more information on using the {{Lopid}} template, refer to its template page, and if you still don't understand it, leave a comment below or leave a message on my talk page. Happy editing!

Update: You can now use the {{Power link}} template for the "Powers" section of our character articles. (Visit the template page for information on its usage. The template will be used by meta-human pages soon, so you can also get a gist in the source code.)
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