Today I saw this Leonard Snart / Captain Cold aesthetic board, which had this "Okayest brother" sign. Link: I stared at it for a few seconds and just had so much to say about the subject, that I decided to write this post. He may have shown it in his own way, which is a bit harder to see, but if Snart ever truly loved someone, it was his sister, Lisa, and in this essay, I will show you really how much. Lisa's side and her love for him will be shown in a future post, if I'll have the time to write one.

Legends of Tomorrow 1 x 3: After becoming a legend, He had the chance to change his past and make sure for good that his dad will never beat him up as he used to do, but Snart didn't take it. Instead he just helped him to steal what he wanted without getting caught and send to jail (tried to, at least, but his father wasn't the cleverest), because Leonard knew that after returning from prison is when he started beating them up. Snart never shown a difficulty killing people, especially when it's this person who he hated with all his heart, but he still chose another way. A way which could have failed, as it did at the end. You know why? I'll let him speak for himself, with the lines he said to his father's younger version- "I know who you are. I know the man you become and it's all I can do to keep from ending you right here, right now, but if I do, that means my sister's never born, so you get a pass.". Leonard could have never been abused like that by his father, he could have changed it all, but he refused to do it  because he just didn't want to be in a world without Lisa. That's how much he loves his sister.

The Flash 2 x 3: In this episode, Lisa went to team flash because she wanted them to help recover her brother, who she thought was kidnaped. Barry tried, discovering that Leonard was working with their dad, before he got hit by Snart's cold gun. Barry returned and told the news to Lisa, who begged the team to keep try to help him; she knew something must have been wrong because he would never do it, not in a thousand years. It was later revealed that the reason he was doing it was that their father told him about the bomb he installed in Lisa, threating to blow her up if he refused to join him. And so, against everything, Snart did. He went and helped the guy who abused him almost his entire life, the one who gave them scars that can still be seen more than 20 years later. For his sister. Eventually, team flash managed to deactivate the bomb, and Snart took out his cold gun and froze his dad heart, killing him on the spot. When Barry told him "Lisa was safe. Why did you do that?", Leonard simply said "He broke my sister's heart. Only fair I break his.". This line doesn't get much attention, but I always saw the love he had for Lisa through it. This time, he killed him for his sister, because of how Lewis hurt the person Snart loved so much. He couldn't let him hurt Lisa, ever again. As she said herself earlier in that episode to Cisco, "he may be a jerk brother, but he's the only jerk brother I've got. He protected me. ". Snart sure as hell wasn't perfect, but he did love her.

LoT s1e9

Mick Rory and Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow, season 1 episode 9

Legends of Tomorrow 1 x 9: Snart is abducted by Chronos, a killer for hire that was sent by the time masters to get rid of the legends for them, who turns up to be his former friend and partner, Mick Rory / Heat Wave. Leonard is struck for a moment, but after realizing his situation, says "Look, if you're gonna kill me, just do it already.", to which Mick respond with "I'm not gonna kill you. I'm gonna take a trip back to Central City and visit your baby sister. The beautiful thing about time travel is I get to kill her more than once. I can kill Lisa in front of you, go back in time, kill her in front of you again and again and again.". Before showing his immediate reaction to hearing it, which could speak for itself, I want to remind you that Mick knows him since he was 14 and he's the closest to friend that Snart ever had. So, keeping that in mind, see what he thought would be the worst thing he could do to Leonard, who he believed had betrayed him, leaving him to die, and wanted revenge for it. Killing his sister. Because Mick, as a person who knew Snart better than almost anyone, Knew how much he truly loved Lisa. More than even himself. If you won't believe him about the amount of love Leonard had for her, I don't know what will ever make you see it.


The Flash 2 x 3: I come back to this episode for those lines, said by Lisa: "Lenny practically raised me. If it weren't for him, I would have turned out a lot worse.". Lisa was born sometime after 1980, which means Leonard was around 8 years old at the time. Let it sink in for a second. Due to the fact that their father Lewis was frequently in and out of prison, Snart raised Lisa like she was his own daughter, when he was barely a teen himself. I won't write much about it, because I think you all know everything I have to say by yourself, just by reading this information about them, but this is love, plain and simple.

Legends of Tomorrow 1 x 12: After Mick returns to himself and joined again to the legends, the time masters send their deadliest assassin, the Pilgrim, who wants to wipe the Legends from the timeline by killing the heroes' younger selves before they become powerful. When the team manage to stop her by kidnapping those versions themselves and putting them in a safe place for the meantime, the Pilgrim kidnap those they love and threaten to hurt them if the legends won't surrender their younger selves to her. The person she chooses to take for Snart is, you guessed it, Lisa as a kid. She too knows the only person from his past Snart care about (Mick is a bit debatable but couldn't be kidnapped as leverage against Leonard anyway because he's already a target himself for being a legend) is his sister. Another example for you to see that he loved her. More than anything.

To conclude, it took me less than 25 minutes to find that number of examples of Snart's love for Lisa, which were all mostly from memory, so just think of how many I could have if I actually took the time and did a research. Why is that? Because He loved her, with everything he had. And after reading all of this, I think you know it too, as well as I do. Thank you for reading my post. I rest my case.