A while ago I was rewatching some older episodes of Arrow, mainly around season 4, and I honestly I like it a little more than season 3. Anyway, while I was cringing through the worst of Olicity, I noticed in the episode where they find out Ray got shrunken, the code on a door was 4587. I thought "Huh, isn't that Oliver's number in season 7?" and shrugged it off. Later on, I was watching some Legends episodes from the first two seasons and 4587 was again repeated, one of which was a safety deposit box in the Legion of Doom episode. From there I started getting a bit more confused.

Is there some sort of significance of the number 4587? It doesn't seem very interesting, but I don't pay attention too much to the writers behind the scenes. Is there, like, a joke or a reference to something, kind of like how A113 is for Pixar? Let me know.