This episode flat-out sucked and was soooo atrocious that it was depressing and angering. I'd definitely rate it a 3/10 like "Things You Can't Outrun," which I'd rate as the worst episode of the first season. I was looking for an actual fight where Eobard actually demolishes them, and only barely do they defeat him, but no, this is what we get: RF hurls the Flash into a banner and stands there for a very long time and then the Arrow is just like "ok" and shoots him in the leg. I can't say this for really any of The Flash, but this episode in particular was totally a waste of my time. Also you have the fact that THE ONLY REASON Eobard was faster than an ADOLESCENT Barry was because of that Speed Force battery thing, which was totally disappointing and unappealing and shouldn't have been the reason; the more likely reason would be that he's faster because he's had way more time to practice than Barry. What did you guys think of it?

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