Today I wanted to present my perspective on the first episode of Batwoman and actually review it. If I don't talk about some plot points, that's probably becuase I don't have much to say about them.

First, I wanted to talk about the hype for the show. Fans wanted to see Batman in the Arrowverse for a long time, but because of copyright issues that was just a dream. Batman is my favorite superhero and I agreed with the fans, but I didn't really want a Batman TV show, because I felt like Arrow is enough. When Bruce Wayne was mentioned in Arrow 6x02, that was a huge deal for us all, but actually seeing Batman was still a dream.

But then, first details about the crossover were announced. I remember the excitment I had when it was revealed the crossover will take place in Gotham City. An Arrowverse episode in Batman's city! That was insane at the time. I didn't really know Batwoman, but I figured that her connection to Batman will get us closer to seeing him. I expected the show to treat Batman like how Supergirl treats Superman: Having cameos of him in season 1 but then making him appear in a future season. Months later, we got the Elseworlds crossover. The second part was the first time Batman's name was mentioned, along with other items and characters from Batman's universe, and I couldn't be happier about that. Batwoman herself was really good. Ruby Rose as Kate Kane wasn't too crazy, but I liked seeing her as Batwoman, along with some action scenes that look like Arkham games cutscenes and an amazing soundtrack. Before Elseworlds, I was especially excited for the show becuase of Batman, but now I was looking forward to seeing Kate Kane.

When the trailer dropped, it was universally hated by fans. Although I understood all the critisizm, I was still optimistic for the show. After all, the first trailer for Titans was bad but I ended up liking the show. A month before the Arrowverse year started, I was excited to see a new show in the Arrowverse. I wasn't around when Legends of Tomorrow premiered, so it was a new experience for me.

Now to review the actual episode: It was ok. Not great (or even close to that), but I see the potential, as Gotham City is genuinely an interesting place for a TV show and the main character is pretty much Batman but female (not in the origin story thankfully but the superhero itself). Ruby Rose doesn't really show many emotions in her acting but so was Stephen Amell in the first episodes of Arrow (who is now one of my favorite actors), and also she does look good in the Batsuit. I see a lot of potential in Luke Fox, as he could be a great comic relief. I also liked the connection Batman has to Kate's origin story. In other media he usually takes it really hard when someone dies, even more when it's his own blood. I hope this version will have that as well, as it could be interesting for Kate's character. I would personally like his reason for leaving Gotham to be the guilt from letting his aunt and cousin die (I heard some people saying that it should be because of Jason Todd's death, but come on... that requires Jason Todd and Joker introductions, and adopting death in the family). I also really liked the overall tone of the episode: it's dark but not too dark. Probably what you would expect from a superhero that his rule is to never kill. Not as great as the tone in Arrow season 1, but still pretty good. However, the episode had some bad acting, I don't really like Alice or Kate's dad, and I feel like a third wheel between Kate, Sophie and Sophie's husband would be handled poorly, with the writers just copying Arrow or The Flash, but we just have to wait and see as it's too early to judge. Probably 6.8/10.

And to sum up Batman, now we get to actually see Bruce Wayne in a similar version to Batman Beyond, which are great news by itself but him being played by the one and only Kevin Conroy makes the entire deal just crazy. It's amazing to think that just 2 years ago Batman or Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse was a dream that would never come to be.

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