Hi. Before I begin I just want to clear out: I am not turning against the wiki or the admins. I disagree with their vision of the future of the wiki but I'm not here to make a revolt or something. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the whole thing.

So, following the ending of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Admins announced a few things about the future of the wiki. In case you missed, the main thing is that because of Earth-Prime's creation new articles will be created for all the characters who appeared in the new earth, including those who also existed on Earth-1 Earth-38 and Earth-BL (except for the seven paragons and Oliver). So basically characters like John Diggle and Alex Danvers will each have 2 different pages: one for the Earth-1/38 version and one for the Earth-Prime version.

You already know from the beginning of the post, I am against that decision. Highly against it. However I do get it kind of. Judging from how the wiki worked so far: if a character exist on 2 earths, it's not the same character they are dopplegangers, so they have seprate articles. And that's actually the case here - There's a John Diggle on Earth-1 but there's also one on Earth-Prime who is a seprate version as they don't remember the same thing (initially at least).

However, I really do think that this is different, and thus shouldn't be treated the same. Let's take Ray Palmer for example. From what we've seen, the Earth-1 and Earth-Prime versions are identical until the point the Crisis happened. He even mentions events from past Legends seasons. So isn't he just the same exact character? Not to talk about the fact he later remembers Crisis so now there's no difference. And if there is it will probably be so minor that it almost doesn't matter and most certainly doesn't justify a compeletly seprate article.

The same thing will be even more apparant with more minor characters like Alice or Joe. Look the same, act the same, remembers the same things... This is basically making 2 articles for 1 character - one cover events before December 10, and he other cover events after... Do you understand why I think this is just a lot of work for no real reason? I mean I know my points are based off things that weren't confirmed yet but come on we all know it would happen...

I also think this thing just makes the wiki more confusing. Before I really started getting into DC, I found the DC database and wanted to read some stuff and learn more stories and characters. I wanted to read some Batman history, but quickly got confused. Batman (New Earth) and Batman (Prime Earth)? Earth One and Earth Two. Who is the real Batman? Who should I read about? What's the difference?? I mean, Earth One and Earth Two makes sense because those 2 actually have many differences and the 2 versions actually met eventually (I mean not Batman, Superman but you get the point). But New Earth and Prime Earth? Maybe there's a reason that I don't know because the comics aren't my territory but the point is: those kind of things can confuse newcomers. And isn't our gole to provide information but make it understandable? I mean the database thing might have been just me and I'm the dummy here but idk it sounds like a pretty common thing.

Also I've seen someone points it out in the comments of the announcemet, but we should probably wait and see what happpens in future episodes. Earth-2 Laurel was confirmed to appear for example (not Earth-Prime or anything, EARTH-2), so there might be a proof that what the admins decided doesn't make sense. Also to quote Carpe Universum from that comment section (because I can't say it better):"If they aren't the same versions, then why didn't Oliver return? Why did he remain dead? And why did he always seemingly exist on Earth-Prime, but then once the Earth-1 version died, so did earth-prime version?". That already contredicts the decision (a little bit).

So what is my suggestion. Well, basically just keep it 1 article for character, and similar to Flashpoint or any other timeline change just point out *Pre-Crisis* and *Post-Crisis*, or maybe *Earth-1* and *Earth-Prime*. Again I know the wiki wasn't like that until now but this is different and hey, rules can change (I think).

Personally, I am so against this that I can't bring myself to help creating new Earth-Prime pages or help overall to update the wiki in this way. I of course won't break the rules and try to ruin existing articles or anything, but just not be a part of it. Maybe in the future if I am convinced or the admins give us a solution that would make everyone happy or anything like that. If you made it this far, good luck to all of you with the edits!

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