Reminder on image policies:

1) If you upload an image for use on the wiki, it should preferably be 1280 x 720, and most definitely in png, plus have a descriptive name.

2) If you upload an image for your personal use (like for your userpage only, or to link in a blog / discussion), please name it in this manner: "User-Insertname-1.jpg" (2 if it is your second image, 3 if it's the third, etc.)

When you upload an image, please help the wiki by doing proper housekeeping:

  • Licensing 1.0: When uploading the image, choose the source of license (promotional image, artwork, copyrighted files, screenshots).
  • Licensing 2.0: After the image is uploaded, please open its page and edit the license plate accordingly. For example, if you upload a screenshot of Ben Lockwood from the episode "Man of Steel", you should edit the license plate, so that the code looks like this: {{Image-screenshot|Man of Steel}}.
  • Characters: If you upload an image in which a character is depicted, please add an "Images of #character" category to the image's page, for example: [[Category:Images of Ben Lockwood]].

Be sure to follow these easy steps.

Thank you for your time.

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