So, "The Flash", huh? Last two seasons - kinda rough! I would say Season 4 wasn't unwatchable, even though most people thought it was! But…BUT Season 5 has so far been really good. No weak episodes! Some stronger than others, but overall, pretty good! This is about as much as I can say without spoiling episodes 1-8 of the latest season of “The Flash “, so if you’re not caught up with it, stop reading this. Now, for the review…

There are a couple of things here I thought were weak. Like some of the villains of the week. Block was pretty dumb, but Weather Witch was straight up annoying. I did not like her…like…AT ALL! But I thought Rag-Doll was cool. He had cool powers and was also really creepy…but in a positive way! And I LOVE the idea that he and Weather Wizard would escape and form a sort of New Rogues team, even though they teased it in a deleted scene (which was stupid)! Spin was okay, but I like the idea of having meta-objects. I think they resolved the satellite crash pretty well. And it all goes down to Cicada.

As far as we know, Cicada is the big bad (although he feels like a secondary villain to me) and…well…so far, he’s been great! He is really scary and really cool looking. His powers are pretty bad-ass. They have made him feel really threatening, which I love. But he also has a great backstory. Now, to be fair, it has some flaws. I still don’t quite understand why he hates ALL Metas, but I guess you should just go with it. But still, I legitimately felt bad for him when his niece got hit. They made their relationship really sweet and hearth-worming. And the fact that the closer he gets to death, he also gets stronger, really intrigues me. So, I am interested where they go with his character forward.

Probably another recurring villain for this season is Icicle AKA Thomas Snow AKA Caitlyn’s father. I liked so much about that storyline – the team doing detective work together, also – the team finally feeling like a team again, and not just Barry and Iris and the rest of them just kinda being there. But when they actually got to that episode, I was a little underwhelmed. What I mean is that I didn’t hate it or anything, I still enjoyed it, but some stuff felt a little forced. It just seemed unlikely that Catelyn would believe her father immediately. But I like her as a character so having Killer Frost there is good for her. And I like the idea of her being able to beat Cicada (well, not beat him, but help in defeating him). And I am kinda interested where the whole Icicle storyline will go, but not as much as some of the other stuff this season, so I feel like it might slow things down.

But let’s get into the real meat of this season so far. NORA! Barry’s daughter from the future! I was so hyped for this… and it lived up to the hype! IT DID! I am loving Nora’s character and interactions so far.  She is sometime…unrealistically childish, but she is also really funny and likable. I think that partially thanks to her this season has reached a Season 1-level humor. And also (UNPOPULAR OPINION, kinda) I feel like all the Westallen drama so far has been good. Some VERY emotional scenes between Nora and Barry, and Nora and Iris, and Iris and Barry, and all three of them. I mean, just because Barry and Iris share a scene doesn’t mean you immediately have to hate it. Both Grant and Candice are very talented and as long as they’re given good material – their scenes will work. And there wasn’t really any pointless relationship drama this season. Iris is a reporter again, which is great, and Barry is a CSI, which is also great! They were supportive and actually kinda sweet together. And Nora being there provides for some great character development. So yeah, I said it, I like the Westallen family…even though it maKES NO SENSE THAT NORA WOULD BE CALLED NORA WESTALLEN, THAT IS STUPID, AND I DON’T LIKE IT AT ALL.Anyway, let’s move on.

Some other thoughts I have: the new Wells, Sherloque or however you spell it, is not my fav. His accent is annoying, but I like the idea of a detective on the show working with the team. I liked Ralph’s moments. He is still hilarious. I love him. And BTW, Cecile was also really likable. Still don’t think she needs to be a series regular, but her scenes are very funny, and she is really charming. Cisco’s whole “getting over my break up” plot was stupid, but necessary. His death tho, I liked that quite a bid.

NOW, if a had to give short reviews to every episode so far, it would look like this: “Nora” -  great season premiere; “Blocked” – kinda filler, but great ending; “The Death of Vibe” – really cool and interesting episode; “News Flash” – also filler-y, but with some great character development; “All Doll’d Up” – great villain-of-the-week, but still filler; “The Icicle Cometh” – some interesting stuff in it, but kinda underwhelming; “Oh Come, All Ye Thankful” – great flashbacks, weak villain-of-the-week; “What’s Past is Prologue” – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

OK, LET ME TALK ABOUT THAT 100th EPISODE! I NEED TO! Warning: this part of the review is not really me reviewing anything, it’s kinda just me geeking out! BUT HOW CRAZY WAS THAT! I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! So much great stuff. Revisiting moments from the past, but from a new perspective – GREAT! Zoom back, Teddy Sears – AMAZING! EOBARD THANWE – HELL YES! I love Tom Cavanagh as Wellsobard (such a funny name!) so much! You can just feel the rivalry between him and Barry! IT IS SO PERFECT! His interactions with Nora – very clever set up for what came at the end! Great twist BTW, really excited to see what comes next! Zoom chasing Barry and Nora into the Speed-Force – CHILLS! Just about every scene with Thawne – CHILLS! The particle accelerator going off and us seeing The Thinker, Ronnie, Stein, The Mardon Brothers and Barry getting affected by dark matter – SO MUCH CHILLS! IT WAS SO AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY PERFCT! It warmed my little nerdy Flash-fan-y hearth. Also, very emotional scenes with Nora and Barry. And them going back to watch Nora Allen (the original) and Henry Allen – SO GREAT! The episode also served as a GREAT midseason finale! WOW! I LOVED THIS EPISODE SO MUCH! SO FRIGGIN MUCH! YOU CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND! NOBODY CAN!

I’m done.

In conclusion…it was great…that’s it…

I was going to post a midseason review of “Arrow” and “Supergirl”, but since the latter isn’t really a priority and the 100thepisode came out and I was so excited, I moved “The Flash” up. I will review the other two as well, not that any of you really care… Legends’ midseason finale is next week, so got some time until that. And also, next week is the “Elseworlds” crossover, so I will do a separate review for that! Bye for now!