After some talks among the admin team, it's come to our attention that, given the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, we need to sort out how we deal with a lot of pages going forwards, so we were hoping to open up the floor to editor discussion. In dealing with any potential changes, there are a number of things to consider:

  1. The original multiverse was completely destroyed, along with all of the original characters. Following this, a new multiverse was created, with characters as before, but technically brand new, along with the new multiverse, having been recreated by Oliver. The characters are intended to be the same from a production standpoint, but in-universe they are freshly new (barring those outside of the multiverse at its destruction, of course).
  2. Adding on to point 1, the changes evident in Earth-Prime being an amalgamation of multiple Earths implies that many things might not have happened; characters may not have existed on Earth-Prime that did on Earth-38, events may not have occurred on Earth-Prime that did on Earth-1, etc.
  3. J'onn J'onzz gave memories to the Paragons' close compatriots, but it's not said at all that he gave them their memories back - simply his, enough to have knowledge of the Crisis.
  4. The only real substantial proof that I personally could find for the characters being their original selves resurrected is Superman not recognising that he had multiple sons, given he was not a Paragon. Perhaps this was just a bit of sloppy writing, but with the promo for the next episode of Supergirl implying that Lena remembers some of her past self also, this opens a number of questions that we perhaps may have to wait for the Supergirl episode for.

I'd also ask how people think we should name articles going forward in regards to pre- and post-Crisis. Regardless of the character debate, whether we create new pages for them or not, certain things like locations and objects are inarguably new, so they'll likely get new pages. Would people prefer "Prime" as we've started to do, or something like "original" and "new" to clarify between the two multiverses, which was an initial discussion that was had. Furthermore, should the multiverse page be split, given it's technically two separate multiverses that existed?

By all means go ahead and give your opinions below, as we want to get as many perspectives as we can on the issue. However, please remember to stay civilised and listen to your fellow editors; should discussions start to spiral into arguments, the discussion will simply be closed.

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