I love Arrow, as well as the Legends of Tomorrow. I have watched Legends so many times I can watch them in my head without actually watching the show itself. Same with Arrow. I understand that to actually make a 45 minute show fun and interesting and understandable by the general population liberties must be taken. I recognize little tricks of the trade as I watch the shows. I also understand one isn't really expected to watch the shows as much as I do. Liberties are taken to keep the story going or make the scene work. There are just so many little things that when you put Arrow, Legends, and Flash in your head. Watch Constantine on CWseed. Then run the cross episode events through it all it's clear the writers are different people and they don't all adhere to the story completely. I find discrepancies. I do not live well with discrepancies.

I assume, we as viewers,are supposed to know certain things. Such as: after aberrations that happened in the so called lifeline of the team members that actually never happened to them their memories were wiped, amnesia pills given, or whatever so the actual team member and timeline isn't affected by the differences that occurred in there life.

Amaya is from Africa. She didn't come to America for the JSA gig until she was already grown and wearing the Totem. Why doesn't she have that awesome African accent. Rip and Constantine get to have that Englishman thing going.

In episode one of the 3rd season they crash through broken time and go flying into buildings in L.A.. How does Rip and his people at the time bureau have the ability to save all the people they just killed and why didn't the team react to it at all.

3 geniuses walk up to a cage with a saber toothed tiger in it and unlock and open it and stand there. Seriously...but ok. I get it. You need to take some liberties...but come on. Don't be so obvious!

In the DoomWorld episode they enlarge the Waverider in a little room with 2 of them in the room and the rest needing to get into the ship as well. Then the ship blasts through the roof of Star Labs and speed off. I can't even pretend that there are any kind of physics that made that scene seem even a little bit o.k.!

Well, I needed to get that out and contribute so there it is. There is more but I'll let you off the hook now.

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