Well, it happened. The pages from The Birds of Prey Wiki have been imported here. Helena Kyle's page can now be read with that blue infobox. Birds of Prey was one of two wikis that was to be merged from Crisis on Infinite Earths, the other being Black Lightning. And while Black Lightning has become a permanent Arrowverse show on Earth-Prime and had his show tie-in to the Crisis, Birds of Prey was a show cancelled seven years ago that had a 47-second scene in Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three to show Helena taken by an Antimatter Wave.

There was no Arrowverse characters in that scene. No Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl or Legends. Three series in Crisis that aren't merging had their characters speak to Arrowverse characters. Smallville's Clark Kent had a conversation with Supergirl's Lex Luthor. Lucifer was apparently buddies with Constantine. And Brandon Routh's Superman had the biggest role of any non-Arrowverse characters in the crossover as the Paragon of Truth. Helena's cameo is just like the Titans Hawk and Robin, the Dick Grayson from 60's Batman, and Alexander Knox from the 1989 Batman film as they watch their worlds get vaporized by antimatter in Crisis Part 1. All also not merging. And the shows revealed on separate Earths Post-Crisis, which includes Stargirl on Earth-2, Titans on Earth-9, Green Lantern on Earth-12, Swamp Thing on Earth-19, Doom Patrol on Earth-21 and Superman Returns on Earth-96 are not merging. And the reasons they are not merging include inconsistencies like the Joker supposed to be dead when Knox read the paper about Batman's fight with Joker, difficulties in sorting them out in our multiverse like Titans having archived footage both pre and post-Crisis and it's spinoff Doom Patrol getting separated on another Earth, or the wikis don't want to merge like with Lucifer or Stargirl.

Apparently it's so easy to merge an inactive wiki of a 13-episode single-season series with a short cameo that didn't contradict much. But I do not think it's right to merge over a small cameo. The inconsistencies and lack of impact on those other series means Crisis could be non-canon to those series. The cameos could be doppelgangers of the characters from those shows and not real character, like the Arrowverse Earth-167 Clark Kent is just a copy of Smallville's Earth-1 Clark Kent. A small appearance in Crisis shouldn't justify a merge.

If the communities of Lucifer and Stargirl are preventing the merge, maybe Birds of Prey needs a new community of users to protect it from an unnecessary merge. Arrowverse has only imported the articles. They haven't imported the images yet, so the site is still up there.

I never watched Birds of Prey, but I am going to check it out on Amazon Prime to help out the Birds of Prey Wiki. If you are a fan of the show, I suggest you edit there instead of the imported articles.

Merging Birds of Prey over a cameo in a crossover of shows that couldn't be merged will be bad for the Arrowverse Wiki. If there's low traffic, we'll make traffic.

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