In the long run most people were disappointed by this season of arrow I personally loved it. So I'm going to say everything that made this season great.

The Characters this year all got atleast one episode each devoted to them which was a good move as we found out more about them when we already thought we knew everything about them. The Felecity episode might not have been great but we finally learned about her background which was really interesting. Canaries was Laurels episode this year which ended up bwing one of the best all year. After being pretty much unlikable for 2 years this was really her time to shine. A lot of people complained about felecity this year but she had to develop yes I miss funny felecity but she couldn't just laugh and smile through everything. Lance did become unlikable near the end of the season but people did seem to forget everything that happened to him he had no other way to prove that the arrow wasn't killing people.

This year we got mostly great villians we did have some weaklings like Manhunter, Cooper Sheldon and China White. Better ones like Cupid she was entertaining and sympathetic at the same time and of course there's another reasons she was so popular but theres no need to say it out loud. You might not count Merlyn as a Villian this year but he was so villainous at times and hilarious his best line being in the finally "I believe the words your looking for are thank and you". He was one of the only villians who admits he is a Villian. Doug Jones as Deathbolt was a practical villian this was the first real time the producers actually went less grounded since they promised to after the flash crossover he also gave Ray his first real villian and started a really good Oliver/Ray team up. Now for in my opinion the best villian all year Brick. Played by Vinnie Jones and had so many great lines fight scenes and was entertaining and scary. Now Ra's Al Ghul was not in that many episodes but when he was featured he was mysterious and threatening he is only person who killed Oliver Queen he was better than Liam Neeson even if his end fight was quite underwhelming.

Now for my list of the top ten episodes and there best moments, this is my list not mass opinion so you might not completely agree: 10: Suicidal Tendencies Two best moments Lyla and Diggles wedding and deadshot sacrificing himself 9: Nanda Parbat A bit of an overlooked moment but after Oliver and Diggle are captured and Ra's really great line "Welcome to Nanda Parbat" 8: Canaries Laurel finally facing her fears and beating vertigo 7: The Climb Quite easily the best moment was fight with Ra's when everyone was trying to guess what the big twist was going to be and not one person guessed it. 6: The Calm After being injected with vertigo Oliver fights himself while experiencing the effects of the drug. 5: The Return Oliver and Thea fighting Slade and not killing him going against what Malcolm wanted. 4: The Brave and the Bold Team arrow and team flash working together to stop Captain Boomerang from destroying Starling City 3: The Offer Oliver actually considering being Ra's Al Ghul 2: Uprising The Glades rising up against Brick and Malcolm not killing Brick 1: Broken Arrow So many great moments like Ray vs Deathbolt, Roy still being alive and leaving Starling, Ra's killing Thea and Quentin finding the arrow cave

I do respect other peoples opinion I just think that this season got far to much hate.

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