As far as I know superhero and Sci-Fi shows are all but ignored at the Emmys that was until today when every current Comic Book Tv Show got a nomination all but Arrow. That is an absolute outrage the longest running current superhero Tv show and it deserves the respect of an nomination Now I'm not going to start on the negatives so I'll start with The Flash. Great achievement it totally deserves the Emmy for special effects but I think it deserves more like Wentworth Miller for best Guest apperarnce. Grant Gustin and Tom Cavangh for best Actor and Supporting character. But it got at least on nomination so that on its own is great. I have never met cared that Arrow never got a nomination because it was one of those genres that was ignored until this year. I think Arrow deserves at least a nomination for Stephen Amell and for the shows amazing Stunt choreography. I really hope I get some agreements here but congrats to The Flash and I it works out for them.

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