An Ideal Suicide Squad:

What do you guys think of an ideal Suicide Squad, those that will have no need for bombs in their heads? Those who wish to turn over a new leaf? Those who wanna redeem themselves? Not only that, these guys can be potential special A.R.G.U.S. agents once they've proven themselves on their first mission. As far as i'm concered, these guys deserve a second chance & redemption. And with the Green Arrow as field leader & Spartan as 2nd-in-command, it just might work.



Other Operatives:

Potential Candidates:

  • The Huntress/Helena Bertinelli: After the death of her father, Frank, Helena finally realizes that Oliver was right; that killing her father would not change anything and would not make the pain of him killing her fiancé go away. She seems to be beset by guilt and remorse for her immoral actions and seems to seek redemption.

  • Deathstroke/Slade Wilson: Ever since Oliver visit Slade again on Lian Yu. Having long-since recovered from the mental-impairment of Mirakuru, he agreed to Oliver's requests to help in freeing his friends and combating Adrian Chase, all in the hopes of redemption and to find his lost son Joe. After Adrian was defeated and the island exploded, Slade started his quest to find his son Joe after visiting and making amends fully with Oliver.

  • The Calculator/Noah Kuttler: In December 2017, Noah, having seemingly begun making amends with Felicity and Donna, returned to Star City to attend his daughter's wedding. At the celebration, Noah and Donna both walked Felicity to her new husband. When Donna began fussing over the fact that Felicity didn't have a traditional wedding, Noah tried to advise her to let the couple have their day. He later danced with Donna at the reception as they happily reflected on their daughter's marriage.

  • Talia al Ghul: As Oliver ended up on Level Two at Slabside Maximum Security Prison and found her, Talia was still resentful of him due to killing her father. However the two made up after Oliver apologized for his misjudgement of Ra's Al Ghul before killing him and offered to help her escape while exposing the private activities in Level Two and the psychiatrist Jarrett Parker, which she gladly accepted. With Oliver's aid, they faked a prison fight so they could infiltrate Dr. Parker's lab, where Oliver copied the archives from Level Two into a USB drive before fighting their way past correctional guards to the morgue. Talia then made her escape through the dump chute, but not before Oliver requested her to pass on the USB to Felicity, deciding to remain here to protect his name and buy her some time to escape.

  • Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner: While Oliver was being unfair about his judgment of others, Ben revealed how he saved Lyla Michaels from Gholem Qadir, surprising Oliver due to Diggle never telling him about it. On his day of release from Slabside, Oliver went to the solitary, apologizing to Turner and promising to contact A.R.G.U.S. regarding his situation. Turner initially refused to accept the apology, distrusting Oliver to keep his word, but Oliver referenced Lyla Michaels' experience with Turner, saying that maybe he deserved another chance if he tried to reform and become a hero. Although cautious about teaming up with Oliver, Turner later joined him when the prison was compromised by Ricardo Diaz and assisted him in gathering weapons for a confrontation with Diaz and other prisoners, saving captured security guards and defeating his former allies, Brickwell and Sampson. Turner ended up confronting Sampson in a one-on-one battle, managing to throw him from high ground, leading to Sampson catching on fire, killing him. Turner has later returned to his cell after the prison takeover, finding "The Count of Monte Cristo" book left for him by Oliver to read as he did, and acquire hope. He was also approached by a prison guard whom he saved from certain death before, and the guard thanked him for saving everyone's lives, leading Turner to contemplate his redemption.


  • In the DC comics, Bronze Tiger went from government agent, from mercenary to full-fledged superhero.