This was something that was expected for quite some time. Tom Welling will be appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths and reprise his role as Clark Kent from Smallville!

I know many of you are excited for this and can't wait to see how he plays a role, but we ask you one thing:

DO NOT ADD CONTENT ON SMALLVILLE YET. I repeat, do not add content on Smallville yet. This is a fairly large project and needs to be done properly. Please be patient and allow us to build a relationship with Smallville Wiki first and see if anything can be done. Additionally, as with previous content, copying and pasting content over from another wiki is indeed plagiarism and if we do indeed have a merge between the two communities, it'd need to be moved over via export/import functions to maintain edit histories.

If a merge does not happen, we will begin with content relevant to the Crisis. Original content from Smallville could probably be added as the season progresses and over the Summer we could set up a community project on how to build content further. However, these are just ideas and more plans will be revealed after the Crisis.

In the excited are all of you?!

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