The moment we've all been waiting for. As of the latest episodes of Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, and Supergirl, red skies has covered the universe and the Crisis has begun. For the past weeks, we had the Arrow background wiped out by antimatter during late hours based on your device, but now it's time for a new skin and special logo.

In the past, we themed our wordmark to say "Arrowverse Wiki" based on the latest crossover. This year, we thought of changing things up, especially with mergers with wikis like Black Lightning. Our latest logo can be seen below:

Arrowverse Wiki V7

I know all of you might be anxious about helping out with the mergers. However, as this time around, we will be able to import articles, unlike last year with the 1990 Flash series (the admin there wanted a separate wiki). We also ask to avoid adding articles or images that will be imported as it could complicate things when we do the imports.

What are you most excited for about the Crisis? Who do you hope to see that hasn't been announced yet?

Only a few days away to get yourself mentally prepared!


As the Crisis began airing, there are some updates I'd like to be made clear:

  • Please do NOT edit during the airings. I understand you're excited but please wait until they finish airing
  • Do not add things that will be merged. It can complicate things when we do the actual merge
  • Black Lightning will be merged, that is a certainty. For the others, we're waiting on more context (aware about stuff said during the aftershow) but please wait till we get more details. Please be patient, we've made this clear already, don't need to keep messaging us and asking us about it.
    • Many have said they'd like to help but we have it under control atm. For at least Black Lightning, we can import the articles, which retains edit history and can be completed quicker. Also, like with Supergirl, we'd be getting help on importing images, so please don't upload images manually if you see the articles already imported.
We are aware many of you are curious about other merges but please be patient. If we are, we will announce it. It isn't something we decide in seconds.

Merge Status

  • Black Lightning - Confirmed - PLEASE BE PATIENT
  • Birds of Prey - Confirmed - May take a little more than Black Lightning
  • Lucifer - No merge
  • Smallville - No merge

To be clear, merging is not as simple as adding articles. There's a lot involved and repercussions and doesn't make sense to add.


We noticed a lot were updating the status parameter. We appreciate the help but it was ultimately cluttering the activity feed with relatively small edits. Thanks to Ursuul, a simple solution was implemented where we replaced the status parameter with "statusCrisis" which displays "Deceased" automatically. The remaining 8 alive just were manually updated to say so. This makes restoring the status much easier after the Crisis is complete.

1/14/20 Update

  • Black Lightning images have been imported. We're aware of some errors that occurred during the import and already on it.
  • Birds of Prey will happen soon, that's all I'll say.
  • Reminder to not edit during the episodes, as per our spoiler policy.
  • Do not revert the status' manually. It will be done via a bot as to not clutter the activity feeds.
  • We understand there will be lots to absorb after the final parts, especially with universes. Please be patient with how we make adjustments and do not jump the gun.

Additionally, I'll be busy during the initial airing so I won't be able to answer any questions till late night or in the following morning.

Post Crisis Updates

  • The admin team is undergoing lots of discussions. Please be patient.
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