So this is my prediction for how Arrow Season 7 is going to go. Based on current character arcs, synopses for new episodes, and new production staff changes. Lastly how Stephen Amell's contract is ending so this is the only one of my prediction series which will be a series ender. So first we will look at the end of Season 6 as it needs to be done in order to have an idea of where the Season 7 arcs are jumping off from.

So for the end of Season 6, it seems what shall happen is that after Diaz attacks Oliver and his allies at their homes, Felicity hits with a striking blow to their operation by hacking all of their activities in Star City, distrupting them permanantly. Leading Diaz to force his hand. Diaz gets Oliver arrested for murder. Leading Oliver to do a few things. He says goodbye to all his friends. Asking Renee, Dinah, and Curtis to carry on in his name as the Outsiders. He also has Felicity and William located at an A.R.G.U.S facility, protected by Diggle. Oliver then gets broken out of jail, by Sara Lance. Who managed to break him out of Iron Heights and is helping him take on Diaz. The two confront him and have a massive fight, but he has gotten even more desperate. Holding Quentin hostage and then killing him. Causing Laurel to disintegrate Diaz with her scream of grief.

As of Season 7's beginning, Oliver has been on the run for a while, growing his beard out a little in an A.R.G.U.S facility that is unknown to even them as it has been abandoned for years. However him being on the run hasn't stopped him from being the Green Arrow. He occasionally visits William and Felicity when the coast is clear on occasion for him to get into A.R.G.U.S. (Sometimes asking for some help from the latter when he has something with her expertise needed to be done) Laurel meanwhile has been contained at A.R.G.U.S, still grieving the loss of Quentin. However recently, Lyla has started a different Task Force X program and is considering putting her on the team. (This one without the bomb collars and more based of villains who have proven they can be mostly trusted) Diggle has been working with A.R.G.U.S's project Green. The project being to fund and conceal Green Arrow's operations from now on to make sure he is not arrested. Roy Harper is then revealed to be in the Arrowcave after being stabbed by a sword. Oliver has been patching up his wounds for some time. Revealing that a new threat from the League of Assassins have been sent to destroy everything Oliver has left. Refusing to depart with the people in his life that are left after Quentin, he prepares, trains, and scours the city for their arrival. Roy progressively reveals more info in the beginning half. Telling Oliver of the Demon's Fist, a team selected by Ra's to share Oliver's fate on an island to be trained to take him and his allies down. He also reveals Thea and Nyssa have been taken by the Demon's Fist and are currently working on an escape plan. Oliver and Roy battle the current threats to Star City. The power struggle after Diaz leads to more faces like a new Count Vertigo, and the assassin Onomatopeia. Eventually leading them to the crossover event.

The crossover event is gone into in more detail in my Supergirl one here.

However for Oliver's side of things, during part two of the crossover, he has connected to Jefferson Pierce who has also lost family and is a father. Trying to understand how to do it. He also brings in Laurel who helps in taking down Mongul in the crossover's second and fourth part. However the other show's heroes are a little uneasy with her in Laurel's suit. The crossover's big battle has Oliver trust Laurel at least on a basis of her helping out on occasion. However not with complete trust.

So the team is filled with the trio of Oliver, Laurel, and Roy and now they find assassinations all throughout the city. Showing that The Demon's Fist is in Star City. The assassin known as Cheshire is sent to take down Roy. A powerful metahuman assassin known as Plague has been sent after Laurel. An ex-soldier now an assasin known as Stone hunts for Diggle. Lastly an international hacker known as Nightstorm has been sent to take down Felicity. Oliver's opponent is one with his face known as the Black Arrow. The team fight these new opponents. Unprepared for how much they know about them. Especially Diggle after Stone guilt tripped him for giving up on Oliver. Felicity is completely taken down by her opponent Nightstorm. Who manages to outmatch her by distracting her with an unordered bank transfer so he can get Stone into A.R.G.U.S. Cheshire's hidden past with Roy has complications as they are married by League law on Roy's undercover mission against the Fist. The Plague is trying to tempt Laurel back into her old life as a villain. However she is still conflicted on whether she wants that. Lastly Black Arrow has copied Oliver's fighting style exactly. Unlike Prometheus who had differences in some way which allowed Oliver to beat him. However Black Arrow practically is him. Which is shown when his mask is revealed to cover up Oliver's face on Black Arrow. His demons are still haunting him in the way of Black Arrow and he ends up losing this fight. Afterwards in the following episode after the midseason finale, Oliver and his crew have some issues to work through. In the end, Diggle apologizes to Oliver to get it off his conscience. Laurel goes to both Quentin and Laurel's graves. Trying to figure out what to do. Roy goes there as well. Not getting to see what happened during his teammate's death, he goes to mourn as well. He also gives Laurel some advice on the matter of right and wrong after what happened to her with Plague.

The following episodes have an arc of Oliver, Roy, Laurel, and Diggle trying to locate and free Thea and Nyssa from the Thanatos Guild who work under the Fist. Nyssa and Laurel have a conflict upon their escape due to Laurel not being her friend Laurel Lance. Oliver then tells Thea about Black Arrow potentially being right. That he will lose everyone to the Fist. That everything he has left will be gone. Thea reminds him of all he has gained in his years as the Green Arrow. Herself, Dig, Roy, Felicity, William. They all were there for him as things went on. Oliver agrees that he is willing to keep on making sure he has that with him. They escape the Thanatos Guild and back to Star City.

While this is happening, the Outsiders are defending Star City. While Felicity is trying to find out who Black Arrow really is. Finding that his face is just a surgical procedure through camera feeds of his fight with Oliver. However his real face and name is not in the Shadow Record, it is in the A.R.G.U.S database. He really is a project made by Waller after his time in Hong Kong, realizing that Oliver is too unpredictable to work with them. So she made the perfect soldier out of a man named Robert Elliot who has worked in testing for A.R.G.U.S back then. Being a test subject with the exact body type as Oliver Queen. She had made him believe he was Oliver Queen, agent of A.R.G.U.S. However this project was scrapped when she found Oliver was successful with the operation on the island. This is when Ra's got his hands on Robert and brought him into the Fist. Now he sees himself as Oliver Queen. Who believes he deserves the people from Oliver's life and wishes to take them away from him.

After Oliver returns, Felicity gives him this info. Wishing to get the entire team together to beat the fist once and for all. A massive battle takes place at A.R.G.U.S. Leading the Fist to be beaten by their respective opponent, except for Black Arrow. Oliver drops the bombshell that he isn't Oliver Queen on him. Causing him to go completely unstable. In the next few episodes, they stop copycat versions of Oliver's old enemies plans. We get a redo of the Earthquake machine that is stopped by Oliver and his team, then followed up by a group of meta soldiers with orange and black spray paint on their faces. (Also stopped) Remaining members of the Thanatos Guild try and poison the city with Ra's plan in which the Black Arrow shows up for this to fight Oliver before dissapearing. The team then stops the poison. Four missiles were then stopped by Felicity before Oliver is brought back to a crater in the middle of the ocean where Lian Yu was destroyed. Oliver and the Black Arrow fight there until he sees Quentin's bloodied clothes put on a stake. Causing Black Arrow to gain the upper hand. Black Arrow claims he is better than all of his enemies before him when he presents his bomb in the center of the crater. Which kills him in the blast. We don't know what happens to Oliver either during this final battle. However we do cut to years later in which we see someone in the Hood leaping from the rooftops as the show ends.

So that is the end to the series Arrow along with the Season 7 predictions. So what did you all think? Put your opinions on it in the comments below.

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