Recently with both the first and second season of the Flash and Arrow, the plot is exactly the same.

Note: I have not seen the finished second season of the Flash, however i have watched the majority of the episodes

Season 1

1. Superhero narrates the story of his life inside a flashback during the pilot

2. Season 1's supervillian causes that hero pain and loss in his life

3. Superhero disquises his voice when talking to someone he loves

4. Superhero has a team including one that is good with technology and is the jokester of the group, there is another that is good with medical equipment and a loved one missing from their life

5. Season 1's Supervillian hides in plain sight and even shouts out comic book references (e.g a man of steel, green arrow)

6. Jerk friend of Superhero dates his girlfriend, and then his relative reveals himself as Season 1's Supervillian and gets him killed in the climax of the first season

7. Season 1's Supervillian takes his mask off during his final fight with the Superhero

8. Superhero saves lives but his city still suffers from the Supervillian's plan

Season 2

1. Superhero feels guilty after the death of his jerk friend and distances himself from his other friends

2. The rest of the Superhero's team helps him get it together and start fighting crime again, however he does it differently this time

3. A parent of the Superhero is taken out of jail due to Season 1's Supervillian

4. Season 2's Supervillian is kept in the shadows for a major amount of time in the show

5. Characters From Arrow and Flash are featured in each show

6. Hero inspires Young supporting character to do good with his life

7. Season 2 uses pieces of Batman source material

7.5. One episode includes a guy with super strength and a normal Barry Allen

That is what i got, share your similarities in the comments :)

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