This is it people. The first time i review a four part crossover event instead of a simple three part. Only for Legends to be cut out of the next one in favor of Batman's cousin. However maybe lets just look at this one right now and see how Crisis on Earth-X is at the start of the event.

Now its start is very cinematic in a way. Less of a TV crossover and more of a movie feel to it. Possibly where the comparison between Justice League and this come from. In this cinematic first part, we see a Nazi controlled city. Probably Central City knowing the crossover's reliance on it. In this place, a Nazi archer goes around killing some people to infiltrate some base. However Guardian shows up, but a different Guardian than the James Olsen we know. He fights the mystery archer which is later revealed to be Oliver. So this is the closest we'll ever get to Guardian vs. Green Arrow. Anyway, Guardian gets killed by Nazi Oliver. Basically confirming to us that this is an elseworld story. A pretty good fight and it keeps the secrets they want kept around the mysterious archer and Nazi universe in this cinematic starting. +2

Outside in the no-Nazi universe, we get a smooth look into what each of our crossover heroes are up to. Fighting evil, but also preparing for Barry and Iris's wedding. It is a seemless transition between all the heroes, and we even get references on the Supergirl side of the transition such as references to the Invasion crossover from the last one, and references to Lobo. +1

While everyone else's preparation is going over well, Kara doesn't know about doing this cause Mon-El has a wife now. So now Kara's kryptonite is marriage and she is going to pretend that her being in another universe is the lead wrapping that will cover it up. Alex is the only one making sense and says for Kara to go to the wedding because she should really support her friend Barry after the guy prevented Kara from being a Dominator slave in the last crossover. (-1 for Kara not getting that not every wedding has to do with her jealousy plotline)

So now everyone is hanging out. Having a good time at the pre-wedding hangout. (To be honest i don't know these wedding terms cause i never have been to a wedding) So Team Flash, and the Legends get to catch up. Oliver and Felicity have their usual drama of reflecting their drama with Iris and Barry. Barry and Kara have their nice moments of working things out together when it comes to their current problems in life. It is all good. +1

So awkwardly, Joe is still mentioning how he used to be Barry's adoptive father, and that the people marrying are technically step siblings. (Joe, i thought you wanted us to root for the wedding, not be a little unsettled by it. -1) Anyway, after Joe's speech, Felicity makes a scene at Barry and Iris's rehearsal dinner. (BTW i looked up the wedding terms after my last bit of confusion) So Felicity was a bit of a jerk there to her soon to be married best friends. -1


Kara isn't the only one getting help with her problems. Alex is too. Sara Lance, the White Canary from both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow gives her advice in a bit of a different way. The pairing works though and it fuels both their arcs. Sara in needing to stop doing one night stands and instead should go for a committed relationship, and Alex in moving on from Maggie and her current depressed state. +2

The wedding is going forward. People take their seats, there is heartfelt talks between Joe, Barry, and Oliver along with a mysterious caterer who we know nothing of now. (*cough* Barry's future daughter *cough*) There is even a callback to Duet with Kara singing Barry's song "Running Home to You" +1

Suddenly a blast of heat vision kills the Minister for the wedding. I knew it! Superman dissaproved of Barry and Iris's wedding out of spite for Barry making fun of him in the musical crossover. It all makes sense! Naw, just kidding. Really an evil Kryptonian working with the Nazis was the one to do it. Somehow shooting heat vision through her weird visor which is supposed to hide that they had someone other than Melissa Benoist to play her when she wears the mask. A little cheap, but i'll go with it. Anyway, they have a massive fight in the church against the Nazis. Combining abilities against Nazi Arrow, Supergirl, and... Prometheus? Sure, i'll go with this addition. Anyway, the fight is legendary. The enclosed space also gives the creators a challenge to be more creative with the movements. Especially with speedsters like Flash and Kid Flash. Along with powerhouses like Supergirl. +2

Everyone reels back from all the chaos when the Nazis escape and the heroes regroup. They have a bit of a copout when the Legends erase the memories of the wedding guests to keep people's secret identities secret. I know the shows need to still have the superhero drama of a secret identity, (Minus Supergirl since she is not from this Earth in the multiverse) but still -1


Prometheus is then shown to be captured and put in the S.T.A.R labs prison for metahumans who didn't deserve not getting a toilet just for committing criminal acts. Anyways, the look on Oliver's face when he sees Prometheus in the prison is very well acted by Stephen Amell considering that Oliver has a lot of history with a Prometheus on Earth One in his own show. +1

Now the villains reveal themselves on some random rooftop. Including Nazi Oliver, Nazi Kara, and the Earth One Reverse Flash. Pretty cool to see Eobard Thawne again and this time on Supergirl. The effect of their terrible masks being pulled back also is pretty cool i will admit. +1

The score for the episode is a 6/10. However we got some bonus scores being made as the bridal shower gift.

Martin Stein and Jefferson's interactions as Firestorm are very well acted and done to show the good history these two have gone through. It really does warm my heart here. +2

A little bit of a plot hole is that only half of Barry and Iris's friends and family are at their wedding. Yes, i appreciate them bringing in Barry's boss from his CSI days, but they are still missing a few. Jay Garrick? Ray Palmer? I just feel it would have been better if they brought a few old faces for this event. -1

Heatwave's humor throughout the episode. He usually is the one bringing in the jokes of Legends more recently so it makes sense they would have him crack the best of them this time. +1

Final score is an 8/10. Pretty good, but not as good as the last crossover episode i reviewed. Lets see how this goes on though for part 2 of the crossover with some dramatic reveals, and tons of bow strings flicking on Arrow.