So International Women's day happened so in order to celebrate all the girl power going on around today. I decided to make a list of my top 10 female superheroes in the Arrowverse up to now. Including everything from Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen, and Freedom Fighters: The Ray. Lets get started.

10. Laurel Lance

A hero who never needed powers or training in order to want to protect the innocent. She did it out of her own determination and managed to die a hero as well. I'm starting this list off with a true tragedy of a great female superhero. RIP Black Canary.

9. Mari McCabe

This superhero had shown herself as one greatly lost, but powerful. Trying to discover herself as well as help others. Using the abilities of her ancestors in order to defend Detroit from evil. A legacy story that continues straight to the hands of Vixen.

8. Miss Martian

This White Martian saw opression happening in front of her eyes and fought back. Seeing injustice done and responding to it greatly is the greatest strength one can have. She also has a lot of inner turmoil of the guilt she faced. Not being completely perfect, but figuring out who she wishes to be now as Miss Martian.

7. Jesse Quick

Jesse is someone who seeks to become her heroes. And she did. Arguably near as smart as Wells and a powerful speedster as well. Saving others may be her thing, however she also managed to make a team of her own to fight crime. Carrying on the legacy of the Flash.

6. Zari Tomaz

A recent addition to the Legends of Tomorrow, Zari is a snarky and witty hacker who keeps the Legends grounded. (despite them operating by spaceship) Calling them names, but still keeping them honest about themselves. Something every team needs. Working on discovering her own past however, Zari still has lots of fun and mystery ahead of her.

5. Alex Danvers

Alex is a character who is the sister to the Girl of Steel. However she is much more than just that. Master spy and doctor, Alex has battled alien threats from across the galaxy. Struggling with both enemies of her planet and her own sexuality. Alex has even battled against her friends if she has to in order to do what she believes is right.

4. Caitlin Snow

Caitlin Snow has suffered a lot. Losing many people from her dad, her husband, and her normal life. However she still gets up to help others as both Caitlin Snow and her split personality/alter ego Killer Frost. Struggling to keep her friends close despite having a killer for a roomate staying in her brain. She is certainly strong on the inside.

3. Thea Queen

So Thea Queen is the one who has probably had the longest and most complex journey of being a hero. Suffering from alcoholism, the truth about her family, the truth about her brother Oliver AKA the Arrow, and the truth about her real father. This long journey made Thea into who she was meant to be. Speedy, a great archer and superhero along with someone who never stops even when problems force her down for a while. She eventually puts the suit back on.

2. Sara Lance

Sara had gone from young lost sister, to assassin, to a vigilante, to a time traveler, to being a hero. Now as the White Canary, she goes across time with her group of other outcasts and misfits to stop threats to time itself. Selflessly she never uses this power of time travel in order to save her sister.

1. Kara Danvers

Kara Zor-El is a refugee from the planet of Krypton. Losing her whole planet and family. Adjusting to that grief everyday along with a new planet in the form of Earth. She helps others compassionately as the hero Supergirl. Inspiring many allies and friends from across the Arrowverse. She is the most powerful hero this world has got.

So what do you all think? What is your favourite female superhero? Hope to see all your favourites down below.