So i did this before and i am doing it again because the shows new seasons officially have gotten trendy enough for memes. That and people seem to like it a lot. Lets start the list.

10. OTP Intensifies

Yeah, i have been shipping this for a while. Not much to say other than it being a funny meme.

9. Reverse Marriage

I get it is a meme, but i really want to know how Eobard would put up with this.

8. Still Ship It

I know Oliver is married, but i don't care.

7. Allergy Filled Thinker

This one is hilarious. However no expense to Neil in his acting.

6. Zach REACT's to...

This one is a little ironic considering that Season 3 is taking a lot from BvS, but it still works.

5. Role Reversal

This is kinda what was in my mind when i saw this role reversal plot in the episode. Basically this entirely.

4. Outlandish Hacking

Kinda reminds me of when they hacked the internet. Very crazy stuff they might as well have been hacking the multiverse.

3. The Thinker Unites the League

He kinda sounded like Ben Affleck uniting the League in that scene, you have to admit.

2. When's Tommy's Turn?

Ironically, Tommy did come back briefly, but not as main cast on Arrow. Laurel is lucky there.

1. Oliver's "other" list

Wonder if Oliver actually does have one. Probably too busy crossing off names on his first to do it, but still.

Sorry there wasn't that much Supergirl or Legends this time. It wasn't as even this year. Anyway, hope you enjoy the spectacular memes to get you to laugh for the holidays.