Lena Luthor

Even so, she may be seen in COIE, that may just be to save Earth-38 (Remember even now she doesn't see herself as a villian (but her methods, like with Myriad, is villainous), so she wouldn't let her entire earth and everyone on it die without trying to save it), not because she changes, and if it hasn't happened yet, then currently she's still a villian. Dont add info about episodes that haven't aired yet, or its a violation of this wiki's spoiler guidelines. Thanks.

Lena Luthor

Could you please stop removing the "Villains" category from these page. Lena Luthor is a villain because of her villainous deeds like kidnapping and enslaving Eve Teschmacher. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Zirraku (talkcontribs)

I know this conversation is none of my business, but she is ALREADY a villain, even if she gets redeemed. And if she does, it would make sense for her to remain in the category, since she was still a villain once.Ninja72 (talk) 14:19, December 6, 2019 (UTC)

If you remove the villains category from Lena Luthor again, I'll raise this to an admin (Don't want to, but will). Even if she later does get redeemed, she still a villain, because she once was. Also, sense you say she will later be redeemed, adding the fact that she will be, is a violation of the spoiler policy. Thanks.

Are you threatening me?

No spoilers were intended by me. And I did not say “she later will be”, I said she may yet be. And I removed it in consideration with what is considered by me to be a point at the least some merit, whether it is “a good or valid point” or not so or neither or even “a good and valid point”. So I am saying politely here: Please never threaten me again.

I'm not trying to threaten you. But stop removing it! She is a villain! I was trying to be nice, but every time you remove it, we have to undo your edit, your turning this into an edit war.
The way you spoke to me came across as a threat, as where one like myself comes from, being spoken to like that is a threat, or at least condescending; also where one like myself comes from - when a character has motives like what she has - and most likely if anything such a character as herself in her case ends up redeemed - especially if - after what she was up to in the first seven season 5 episodes was foiled at the end of the seventh - such characteristic nature about such a character from out of such motive does not last long - then such a character “never truly counts as a truly officially villainous character. As I already had just said, it was never ever said by me whilst that “she will be redeemed”, what was said by me is that “she may yet be redeemed”. Therefore I did not intend any spoilers spoilers whatsoever - because where one like myself comes from - that does not ever “truly count as spoilers”. So I again say politely please never threaten me again.

Also I say politely these things: - First I say so politely that even though your efforts to “be nice” are deeply appreciated by me, the way you spoke including with your tone as indicated by your exclamation mark ended sentences came across as otherwise and therefore in purest consideration with that, just because of whatsoever is considered by you to give you cause to do so does not mean you need to talk down to me. Secondly I say to you here that truly, as it is so here that the words “she will be redeemed” most certainly truly so here never at all said by me but instead rather the words “she may yet be redeemed”, therefore here, please never put words in my mouth again. By the way, not intending to be “a pure grammar critique”, yet I notice “sense” instead of “since”.

Sorry It came across that way. Have a nice day. Goodbye. I will not argue with you anymore, just know next time it goes straight to an admin... not a threat at all.

Truly I say to you now: - Absolutely I here so most certainly was not even whilst as so much here as even attempting an argument with anyone ever at all. Merely I was attempting to convey what was and still is at the very least a point of mine - which itself - whether good or valid or not either one - is here in turn again at the least not without some merit - not to expect you to know “the meaning of the word merit” used in this case, yet still - and also - just alone because of whatsoever you consider to have for a reason to do such a thing here, absolutely does not mean that you ever do need to talk down to me.

Spamming Talk Pages

Hey, instead of spamming talk pages, why not join in on the official discussion in your announcements notification? We are actually discussing this and everyone's opinions on the new multiverse. Thanks, $ \int $ IHH dt    2:31, Apr 03, 2020 (UTC)

Simply I was just questioning the need for “separate articles whilst of “Prime-Earth reality counterparts”. No Spamming was ever intended on my part.

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