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Hey there! I would like to talk to you about adding the category, Groups , to pages. I don't know if you are doing this, because you saw this done on other pages, or you thought the category is necessary so you add it on your own accord; so yeah, let's talk about it.

First off, let's just lay out what "group" means:

  1. a number of people or things that are located close together or are considered or classed together.
  2. a number of people who work together or share certain beliefs.
  3. a commercial organization consisting of several companies under common ownership.
  4. a number of musicians who play popular music together.
  5. MILITARYa unit of the US Air Force, consisting of two or more squadrons.
  6. MILITARYa unit of the US Army, consisting of two or more battalions.
  7. ARTtwo or more figures or objects forming a design.
  8. CHEMISTRYa set of elements occupying a column in the periodic table and having broadly similar properties arising from their similar electronic structure.
  9. CHEMISTRYa combination of atoms having a recognizable identity in a number of compounds.
  10. MATHEMATICSa set of elements, together with an associative binary operation, that contains an inverse for each element and an identity element.
  11. GEOLOGYa stratigraphic division consisting of two or more formations.

Honestly, I don't think restaurants or even companies in general fit any the descriptions; the 3rd one is probably the closest one, but even that does not fit perfectly; what the words "restaurant" and "company" mean should be able to fully explain what those pages are, so frankly, most of the stuff that's categorized as Groups aren't really helping the search. That's not saying every under the category should be removed from it, some actually are well-fitted, just that the company and restaurant ones are seemingly redundant. That's what I'm trying to do if I do come across these types of pages I'm editing, I'd also remove the category. Hope I'm making sense? I have nothing against you as a person, I just don't agree with the usage of the category. Hopefully in the future, if I removed it, it won't be added back in, at least hopefully not by you. =]

Sammm✦✧(talk) 16:40, March 19, 2015 (UTC)

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