A few things

As I said in the edit summary, we only add things from official press releases. Second, we have a spoiler policy where we don't allow character pages to be made until that character appeared or is mentioned on screen. Lastly, we don't say stuff like "this character is portrayed by ____", the actor would be added in the infobox.TIMESHADE @fandom |Talk/Wall| - |C| 23:35, May 9, 2016 (UTC)

Image policies

Please be sure to read and follow our image policies. Also, per our spoiler policy, images can't be added till the episode airs.TIMESHADE @fandom |Talk/Wall| - |C| 20:36, March 7, 2017 (UTC)

Finish Line

What's your source on the episode title? Doesn't seem to be on any major news site or any posts on social media. You MUST source content or you can't post or create it until a reputable source is available. So that means a random twitter user doesn't count as a reputable source.TIMESHADE @fandom |Talk/Wall| - |C| 19:28, May 1, 2017 (UTC)

Please don't ignore an administrator. If you can't find a legitimate source for the title, then don't create the page. —MakeShift (talk page) 15:05, May 2, 2017 (UTC)
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