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Val Seong is the formerly lawyer of the late Tobias Whale.


Tobias Lawyer

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Part of the plan

Val set an appointment to meet with Lynn Stewart at her research facility to be examined; however, when she arrives at the appointed time, she interrupts the analysis of "JJ" with Lynn. Lynn nervously introduces "JJ" as her niece; Val frowns. Later, Val tells Tobias that there is a new Pierce, intriguing him about her identity.[1]

As the Pierce house was being raided, Val brought a laptop to Tobias that showed him camera footage from one of the FBI officers, pleasing Tobias that the Pierce family was caught off-guard. Val listened as Red asked if he could force Monovista to move faster with its creation; Tobias liked this, as it sped up the plan. This caused Val to ask about Lynn and why Lynn had not provided a progress report; Tobias answered that he trusts that Lynn's thoroughness is her undoing and, since she does not know she is part of the plan, she is working even harder at it.

Meanwhile, Lynn took the sample of Val's powers,[2] that she had gotten during the medical exam,[1] and injected it into Peter Gambi, giving him Val's power of negation, instead of taking the sample for herself.[2]

Days later, after FBI Agent Kevin Mason raided the laboratory of Lynn Stewart at the Center for Gene Therapy and Genetic Research, he brought to Val the samples of Val's negation power that Lynn had collected; Val then told Tobias that Lynn had done her part of the plan. Tobias expressed that he was done with Lynn, so Val placed the order to Kevin to have Lynn arrested. Later, Val and Red watched as Tobias genuflected to a stained glass painting of Tori before he used Val's samples in a machine created by Monovista International to negate the power of everyone on Black Lightning's team.[3]


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Powers and abilities

  • Meta-human physiology: As a result of unknown means, Val has acquired meta-human powers.


Black Lightning


  • Val suffers from ALS.[1]
  • In Tobias Whale's payroll ledgers, Val is listed under the code "V-303//01."[4]