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|name = Valentina Vostok
|name = Valentina Vostok
|image = Valentina Vostok.png
|image = Valentina Vostok.png
|occupation = Scientist<br>Ally of [[Vandal Savage]] <small>(in secret, formely)</small>
|occupation = Scientist<br>Ally of [[Vandal Savage]] <small>(in secret, formerly)</small>
|status= Deceased
|status= Deceased
|actor= [[Stephanie Corneliussen]]
|actor= [[Stephanie Corneliussen]]

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Valentina Vostok was a scientist from the Soviet Union who was an enemy of Rip Hunter's team.


Working with Vandal Savage

Valentina began working with Vandal Savage sometime between 1975 and 1986. They began creating their very own version of Firestorm, having had 10 years to research his abilities before Rip Hunter reappeared.

In 1986, Rip and his team made their way to the Soviet Union to try and find out what Savage had been planing since their last encounter. After Ray Palmer failed to trick Valentina into making him the private investor for her research, she was seduced by Leonard Snart, which lead to Snart to taking the ID card she used to access her research facility. As the team infiltrated her facility, she interrupted them, revealing that she had been working alongside Savage the whole time and was fully aware of his intentions. She, along with additional forces, then kidnapped Martin Stein, Mick Rory and Ray Palmer.[1]

The three were transported to a Russian gulag prison. Valentina repeatedly attempted to get Stein to divulge the secrets of Firestorm's creation, as her previous attempts at creating her own nuclear men had been unsuccessful; Stein, however, refused to comply, even though Valentina had him drugged and his teammates were physically tortured. After spotting a message carved into Stein's arm from Jefferson Jackson, she came to the correct conclusion that two people were necessary to create a stable matrix, and that Stein was one half of the Firestorm that Vandal Savage had battled eleven years earlier. Valentina forcibly merged with Stein, briefly becoming an unstable version of Firestorm. Rip Hunter and the rest of his team arrived to free their friends and Jackson was able to convince Stein to fight Valentina for control of Firestorm, eventually causing their union to collapse and for Stein to be ejected from the matrix. As Valentina had ignored Stein's pleas that she use a quantum splicer when they merged, her body was left completely unstable from all of the nuclear energy that she had absorbed, and she subsequently exploded outside of the gulag, presumably killing her.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


  • In the DC Comics, Valentina Vostok is a Soviet Air Force Lieutenant who later becomes the superhero known as Negative Woman. Her first appearance was in DC Showcase #94 (August 1977).


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