Valeronians are a humanoid species that hail from the planet Valeron.


Culture and Technology

Valeronians are a warlike race utilizing advanced weaponry, such as Vartox's axe. Their technology surpasses that of humanity.

Valeronians are implied to have a patriarchal society, as Vartox claimed that "females bow before males" on Valeron.

Valeronians seem to embody a warrior-like mentality, as Astra commented it was "typical of [their] race" to choose death over capture.[1]

Physical appearance

Valeronians are a race of beings that were almost externally indistinguishable from humans, apart from ridges on their craniums.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman strength: Valeronians are much stronger than humans. Vartox had been shown to be strong enough to injure and knock Supergirl, a Kryptonian, unconscious.[1]
  • Invulnerability: Valeronians are was able to take more damage than a normal human, being resilient enough to withstand explosions and physical blows from a Kryptonian.[1]
  • Super leaping: Valeronians can jump extreme distances.


  • Multilingual: Valeronians are capable of learning to speak other languages very quickly.[1]

Known Valeronians



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