"The name 'Van Buren' is a name that has always stood for integrity."
—Van Buren[src]

Van Buren is the former mayor of Central City.


At some point after Anthony Bellows was arrested,[1] Van Buren succeeded him as mayor of Central City.

In January 2018, Van unveiled Kord Industries' new R&D research facility in Central City, proudly declaring it to be completely protected against any meta-human attacks. Suddenly, the entire building seemingly disappeared (courtesy of Dwarfstar), much to Van's frustration.[2]

After the death of Iron Heights warden Gregory Wolfe during a prison break,[3] Van held a press conference, falsely praising the warden as a hero.

After recent events, Van began a campaign to restore the city's faith in public servants; when CSI Barry Allen was cleared of all charges in the murder of professor Clifford DeVoe, she ordered captain David Singh to indefinitely suspend Barry from the CCPD until he could unambiguously prove his innocence due to the unclear details in the case.[4] During this period, Van also requested a personal meeting with the mysteriously-returned "DeVoe".[5]

According to Singh, Van read Iris West's blog, giving her enough evidence to end Barry's suspension.[6]

Several days later and following the arrest of Spencer Young, the news media mentioned that Van resigned as mayor of Central City for reasons unknown.[7]


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