Van Horn Industries is a technology company located in Star City. Two of their advanced inventions have been targeted and stolen.


Van Horn Industries spent over a year developing a regulator prototype for NASA. The device was perfected in 2017, only to be stolen by Dr. Laura Washington, who used the technology to turn herself into the criminal "Cyber-woman". Team Arrow, the Flash, and Supergirl broke into Van Horn Industries and faced off against Cyber-woman. They took the regulator to hack some technology from the Dominators' mothership. Afterwards, the prototype was presumably returned to Van Horn Industries.[1]

At some point in 2019, Van Horn Industries developed a Neuro-Stasis Field Generator, a peaceful anti-riot device. It was later stolen by Goldface's goons for his black market.[2]



Season 5

The Flash

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • Van Horn Industries is a reference to the superhero Andrew Van Horn, otherwise known as Gunfire, who owns a company in his name.
    • In the DC comics, the company is located in Paris and the CEO, Gunther Van Horn, is actually the villain Ragnarock.


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