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"This is the power you have no hope of defeating. Everyone here is sworn to live and die at my command. Why? Cause to them, I am a god! I pity you. You have no idea what it's like to have people willing to follow you up to the gates of Hell!"
Vandal Savage to Rip Hunter[src]

At some point, Vandal Savage formed an order dedicated to crafting a legend of his life and the worship of it. He seduced followers with the promise of immortality.[1]


According to Blake, Vandal Savage created this order approximately in 2025 BC by spreading legends of his immortal life, regeneration, and his worst enemy, "Gareeb". The legends have been passed down for 4,000 years and were known even by 1975. Leipzig, Germany was chosen by Vandal Savage as residence due to it being the location of Bruemberg Group, world's oldest private bank, with the bankers being indoctrinated in Savage's cult and taught martial arts.[1]

In 1975, Savage hosted a cult meeting celebrating the death of Carter Hall, one of his arch-enemies. As he explained to his followers, a mystical ritual performed over the reincarnating Thanagarian mutant's blood would extend their lifespan by hundreds of years if they only drank it. However, the meeting was interrupted by Rip Hunter's team, who attacked Savage to retrieve Carter's body and destroy current Savage's body.[1] Nevertheless, the confrontation was actually orchestrated by the Time Masters, who wanted to preserve Savage's strength thanks to the longevity of his followers and assets, using the Oculus device to influence the course of events.[2]

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