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Dr. Vanessa Ambres (March 24, 1959[1]–March 2019) was a doctor of Central City Hospital and the fiancée of the late Darius. She was secretly an ally of Orlin Dwyer/Cicada in his vendetta against meta-humans.


Early life

Vanessa Ambres was born and raised in Central City. After acquiring her M.D. from McNider U, she started working as a doctor at Central City Hospital.[1]

Encountering meta-humans

On December 11, 2013, Ambres was on duty when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded. She admitted both the supposedly paralyzed Dr. "Harrison Wells" and a comatose Barry Allen, terrified about what was happening in the city.[2]

Over the following years, Ambres treated many victims of meta-human attacks and grew to despise how these beings used their powers to hurt innocent people.[3][4] In May 2016, her fiancé, Darius, was killed by a meta-human during the Metapocalypse. A heartbroken Ambres subsequently developed a prejudice against all meta-humans.[1]

On May 22, 2018, Ambres was on duty during the Enlightenment when satellite debris rained down on parts of Central City. She took care of Orlin Dwyer and his niece, Grace Gibbons, when they arrived at the hospital. Afterward, Ambres sadly informed Orlin that Grace was in a coma due to the brain hemorrhaging she suffered from her head injury and there is no telling when, or even if, she'll wake up. When Orlin expressed his guilt over failing to protect Grace, Ambres assured him it wasn't his fault, spitefully placing blame on the city's metas.[3]

Affiliation with Orlin Dwyer

Several weeks later, Ambres was attending to a comatose Grace when Orlin arrived. Ambres warned him that Grace wasn't making any progress and expressed worry about Orlin's lung injury not healing.[5]

A few months later in November, Ambres watched a nurse bandage a patient's wounds, upset that yet another person was hurt by meta-human Raelene Sharp. She then spotted a blood trail outside the room and discovered Orlin in a storage closet, injured from killing Raelene. Ambres offered to patch him up but he refused. She warned Orlin that his mission will get him killed, pointing out he isn't the only one heartbroken over Grace's condition. Orlin refused to stop his mission and asked Ambres to move out of his way, which she did. That night, Ambres visited Orlin at his home and found him collapsed due to the aggravated wound in his side. She tried to treat him but Orlin revealed the injuries were making him stronger.[6]

Around Thanksgiving, Ambres encountered Barry trying to enter Grace's room. Barry revealed himself to be a CSI from the Central City Police Department and inquired about Grace's parents. Ambres quickly provided him proof that Grace's parents were deceased and lied that the girl had no other family except the hospital staff. Later that day, Ambres called Orlin and advised him to cease his visits to Grace due to the police investigation. On the night of Thanksgiving, Ambres was celebrating with her coworkers when Orlin arrived, wanting to be with his niece for the holiday.[4]

When Orlin visits the hospital again, Ambres tells him that Grace's condition is stable.[7]

However, after helping Team Flash administer the meta-human cure to Orlin, future Grace Gibbons intervened, took Orlin unconscious, subdued Team Flash and killed her.[1]


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