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For the Earth-TUD5 criminal, see Block.

Vanessa Jansen, nicknamed Block by Cisco Ramon, was a meta-human weapons dealer working for the East Street Skulls gang.


Original multiverse

Early life

Vanessa Jansen worked as a weapons dealer for the East Street Skulls gang, but was betrayed. She was subsequently arrested and sent to Iron Heights for four years.[1]

Through unknown means, Jansen acquired meta-human powers which allowed her to create boxes of dense air.[1]

Out of prison

When Jansen got out of Iron Heights, either by escape or release, she took revenge on Bobby Moretti and killed him with her meta-human powers. She then robbed Bobby's warehouse of guns, planning to sell them. However, the buyer turned out to be Bobby's older brother, Bruno Moretti. He attempted to kill her out of revenge for Bobby's death, only for Jansen to shield herself with her powers. She then tried to kill him but was stopped by XS who saved him. XS then tried to capture her but Jansen trapped her in a block of dense air, causing the Flash to come out and confront her. Jansen threw XS into the air, forcing the Flash to save her, allowing Jansen to escape.[1]

Later, Jansen attempted to sell the weapons again but was once again confronted by Bruno, who arrived with backup, threatening kill Jansen if she didn't return the guns. They opened fire on her but she shielded herself from the bullets using her powers. The Flash and XS took out the weapon dealers and confront her again. The Flash repeatedly sped around as Jansen tried to hit him, eventually tiring her out. Jansen was able to trap him in a block while he was distracted and caused it to start shrinking. However, XS battled Jansen, tiring her out once again. XS then used the opportunity to put Jansen in power-dampening handcuffs. Elongated Man and Vibe arrived to help arrest her, but suddenly, Cicada's dagger pierced through Jansen's chest. XS sped her to the hospital,[1] but Jansen died of her injuries on the way there.[2]

New multiverse

Vanessa Jansen's name is seen amongst Cisco's Who's Who? Binder.[3]


Original multiverse

Jansen's death was avenged when the future Grace Gibbons killed Dwyer.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Jansen's DNA was altered and her cells supercharged, turning her into a meta-human and thereby allowing her to access her powers.[1]
    • Force-field generation: Jansen has the power to create box-like force-fields around herself and/or others by compacting the air molecules around her. She can also manipulate the size of these force-fields, allowing her to crush her victims to death, leaving their entire body compressed into a small cube that may be mistaken for a chunk of human flesh. She can also use this ability to protect herself from gunfire. She was shown to be able to psionically throw the force field with it staying intact for a short time traveling across Central City.[1]


  • Exhaustion: Jansen must constantly exert herself to create compressed air. If she tries to do this too much at a time, the physical exhaustion will cause Jansen to tire herself out, leaving her unable to use her powers.[1]
  • Power-dampening cuffs: Like other meta-humans, Jansen's powers can be negated if she's wearing power-dampening cuffs. In addition, once a meta-dampener has affected her, any force-fields she has created will vanish.[1]


The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Human Block, also known as Block, is a young Maori woman from 1957 Melbourne, Australia that was struck by lightning and survived the ordeal. She eventually learns she was also given powers from the Speed Force as a result of the incident. Over time she was unknowingly manipulated by Professor Zoom into joining his team known as the Acolytes of Professor Zoom in his war against The Flash.
    • The name Vanessa Jensen is a reference to the original creator of the character in comics, Van Jensen.