Vanita Ripson[1] is a resident of National City and the best friend of the late Julia Freeman.


Vanita met and befriended Julia Freeman at the University of Cincinnati – College-Conservatory of Music, where they were roommates.[1]

A decade later, in early 2018, Vanita and Julia walked home together while they discussed the former's new job. Despite Julia's playful opposition, Vanita was amazed at the potential benefits, telling her friend it was time to "grow up". Suddenly, a runaway car swerved towards them and Vanita was pushed out of the way by Julia. Seeing her friend crushed between two cars, Vanita called out to Julia in distress. Suddenly, Julia awoke unharmed and pushed the car away as Vanita looked on in shock.[2]


  • Vanita is Julia's emergency contact.[1]



Season 3


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