Vartox (died October 2015) was a Valeronian convict imprisoned on Fort Rozz.


Hunting Supergirl

Vartox hunted down Supergirl after she saved a plane that was transporting several D.E.O. agents, including Alex Danvers. He lured her to a power plant and the two did battle, Vartox made a beat down on Supergirl with his shear power and almost killed her, before being stopped by other D.E.O. agents, forcing him to flee.[1]


While driving his truck, he was stopped by Supergirl and the two had a rematch. Supergirl had the upper hand until Vartox use his axe on her and made a beat down on her again, right before Vartox can make the final strike on Supergirl with his axe, she used her heat vision on Vartox's axe and the axe blew up. Vartox was fatally injured, and to prevent himself from being captured, he killed himself with a fragment of the axe.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Valeronian physiology: Like every valeronian, vartox has special abilities.
    • Super strength: Valeronians are much stronger than a normal human. Vartox had been shown to be strong enough to inflict injury on a solar-empowered Kryptonian like Supergirl.
    • Invulnerability: Valeronians are able to take more damage than a normal human. Vartox had been shown to be resilient enough to endure attacks from a Kryptonian, and not even get a scratch.
    • Super leaping: Valeronians can jump extreme distances.
    • Super Speed: Valeronians can run in high speeds.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: In addition to tremendous raw strength, Vartox was also a skilled fighter, able to easily evade Supergirl's strikes and subdue her.
  • Multilingual: Vartox is capable of learning to speak other languages very quickly


  • Axe: To aid him in combat, Vartox wielded a special axe which emitted a high level of heat that, when aided by Vartox's super strength, is strong enough to pierce a Kryptonian's skin. After Kara destroyed the axe, Vartox used a broken piece of the weapon to stab and kill himself.



Season 1


Adventures of Supergirl

Behind the scenes

  • Even though he is the first villain of the series, and is one of the few villains that lacks firepower (like lasers or any other projectile-type attack), Vartox is indeed powerful in his own right, being able to inflect injures on Supergirl with ease, having a weapon that is capable of cutting skin from Kryptonians and being able to nearly best Supergirl in both battles, this makes him one of the more dangerous enemies in the series.
  • Vartox debuted in Superman vol. 1, #281 (November, 1974), the greatest hero of the galaxy M104, he was a close friend and equal to Superman, from the planet Valeron. He made several appearances in the Power Girl comic book series, where he tried to woo her. The character was based on the protagonist of the live-action film Zardoz (February, 1974), played by actor Sean Connery. He was created by Cary Bates and Curt Swan.


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