Vartox was an alien convict.


Hunting Supergirl

Vartox hunted down Supergirl after she saved a plane that was transporting several D.E.O. agents, including Alex Danvers. He lured her to a power plant and almost killed her, being stopped by other D.E.O. agents.[1]


While driving his truck, he was stopped by Supergirl and the two battled. When Vartox was about to kill Supergirl, she used her heat vision on Vartox's axe and the axe blew up. Vartox was fatally injured, and to prevent himself from being captured he killed himself with a fragment of the axe.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Unique Physiology:
    • Super strength: Due to his Unique Physiology, Vartox was much stronger than a normal human. He had been shown to be strong enough to inflict injury upon Supergirl, a Kryptonian.
    • Invulnerability: Due to his Unique Physiology, Vartox was able to take more damage than a normal human. He had been shown to be resilient enough to endure attacks from Supergirl, a Kryptonian.
    • Super leaping: Due to his Unique Physiology, Vartox was able to jump extreme distances.


  • Vartox's axe: To aid him in combat, Vartox wielded a special axe that emitted a high level of heat, that when powered by Vartox's super strength, is enough to pierce a Kryptonian's skin. Alas, the axe's ability proved to be its greatest shortcoming as it was destroyed by Kara heating it to levels that eventually caused it to explode.


Season 1


  • Vartox debuted in Superman vol. 1, #281 (November, 1974), the greatest hero of the galaxy M104, he was a close friend and equal to Superman, from the planet Valeron. He made several appearances in the Power Girl comic book series, where he was first co-opted as her rival and has since been portrayed in a negative light. The character was based on the protagonist of the live-action film Zardoz (February, 1974), played by actor Sean Connery.


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